Saturday, June 20, 2015

Braided Rugs For The Fairy House #2

This week I finished the simple 
braided rugs for the second fairy house. 
 I used combinations of these 30's prints
 & made 3 different rugs.
 I used the darker yellow, red & green
 for the round dining room rug. (9 in.)
 Smaller round rugs
for the upstairs.
 Soft yellow, red & green
for the cradle.
 Blue, red & green for the 
tiny blue furniture.
The little oval front porch
rug was made from left over
braiding from dollhouse #1.
 The sun is shining brightly today &
it looks like the rain will stop for 
a few days........maybe I can get 
something done outside!


  1. No Ozarks fairy home would be complete without braided rugs! And, what beauties these are...every twist and turn done to perfection.

  2. These just say, "Home Sweet Home" to me, a wonderful addition.

  3. Love the rugs. Super neat how just changing the color combo's makes each rug have a personality of its own. Great job matching the colors to the furniture. Wishing you some sunny days to go and play outside too. We have been having such a mix of rain and sun.

  4. More beautiful little rugs. The colors are great and suit each room so well. Rugs make any home warm and special, and comfortable too. The fairy's will appreciate that.

  5. Beautifully made braided rugs. You have such a wonderful talent for detail.


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