Friday, June 26, 2015

A Lazy Week In The Ozarks

I haven't sewn a stitch this week.
I've been lazy.
 Catching up on some reading
and watching old movies
 on Turner Classics.
 I sure need to do some
weeding around the house.
The mornings have been spent 
drinking coffee on the porch and
 watching the bunnies & baby squirrels
 that boldly venture right up to the
porch steps. 
   I've enjoyed the occasional
glimpse of a mama doe and
her little fawn.  Cappy has
reported several turtle sightings.
The evenings have been more
 porch sitting and iced tea.

A beautiful red bird has been a
frequent visitor.  He's been stealing the
 larvae from the wasp nests that hang under 
the eaves of the porch & the hubs shop.
This annoys the wasps.......
very entertaining. 
 Maybe I'll get something creative
done next week.
Hope you're enjoying lazy 
summer days too!


  1. I envy your lazy times :) Here we are with big chickens in this hot weather, but only a few more days until I'll have a little time to myself. Your flowers and plants are very pretty and green.

  2. Why have a gorgeous porch and not use it? I absolutely cannot think of a better way to spend a hot summer day. We had wonderful rain late this afternoon, and have been promised a couple of cooler days ahead. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. pretty pictures of the house and the plants and flowers. I know you have enjoyed your down time to just relax and enjoy being outside. Days like you have been having are wonderful, being able to stop to just do nothing but enjoy your time. It is really hot here, but we also are supposed to get some rain tomorrow. I hope you will have a great 4th of july, it is not far away.

  4. I would never call you lazy. There are many days ahead when it will be too gloomy to be outside so I say enjoy it while it lasts, there will be plenty of days for sewing ahead. Beautiful late Spring pictures, one of my favorite times of the year when the earth is awakening and the animals are caring for their young. Enjoy!

  5. Isn't this time of year wonderful for those lazy days filled with porch sitting. I'm glad you're enjoying time to take in the wonders of nature, there's plenty of time for weeding.

  6. I love my lazy days! They help me get centered again and motivated. Porch sitting has to be one of the BEST recreation there is! Ahhh. I think I need to go our there now!


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