Friday, June 26, 2015

A Lazy Week In The Ozarks

I haven't sewn a stitch this week.
I've been lazy.
 Catching up on some reading
and watching old movies
 on Turner Classics.
 I sure need to do some
weeding around the house.
The mornings have been spent 
drinking coffee on the porch and
 watching the bunnies & baby squirrels
 that boldly venture right up to the
porch steps. 
   I've enjoyed the occasional
glimpse of a mama doe and
her little fawn.  Cappy has
reported several turtle sightings.
The evenings have been more
 porch sitting and iced tea.

A beautiful red bird has been a
frequent visitor.  He's been stealing the
 larvae from the wasp nests that hang under 
the eaves of the porch & the hubs shop.
This annoys the wasps.......
very entertaining. 
 Maybe I'll get something creative
done next week.
Hope you're enjoying lazy 
summer days too!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Braided Rugs For The Fairy House #2

This week I finished the simple 
braided rugs for the second fairy house. 
 I used combinations of these 30's prints
 & made 3 different rugs.
 I used the darker yellow, red & green
 for the round dining room rug. (9 in.)
 Smaller round rugs
for the upstairs.
 Soft yellow, red & green
for the cradle.
 Blue, red & green for the 
tiny blue furniture.
The little oval front porch
rug was made from left over
braiding from dollhouse #1.
 The sun is shining brightly today &
it looks like the rain will stop for 
a few days........maybe I can get 
something done outside!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fairy Dollhouse #2 Accessories

I found plenty of accessories for this larger
dollhouse stashed away in my dollhouse boxes.
 Thank you hubs for another cutting board. 
 The mini butter churn is breakable, but 
I'm giving it a home anyway.
More treen ware in a larger size.

 These plastic realistic accessories are called
 Re-ment & made in Japan for fashion dolls
like Barbie, in the larger 1/10 scale.

 They look good enough to eat.
 Woodland plastic fairy glasses.
Silverware in a tray & a Re-ment 
strawberry cake.
Plenty of room left to
add the little jam jars. 
I ordered some tiny decals on Etsy
to jazz up this plain metal canister set.
This will hang next to the stove.
This 1950's Japanese mini tin stove 
fit right in with the mini furniture.
Fairies need toys too.

Hopefully, I'll have the rugs 
and bedding done next week.
What projects are you working on?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Furniture For Fairy House #2

This dollhouse has a "make do"
 mixed lot of  flea market furniture, 
some pieces in need of repair, all 
could use sanding & new paint.  
 Three coats of paint with a fine 
sanding in between.
To my relief, the detail painting was so easy, I
 just followed the embossed lines.  I used dark 
wax to antique the pieces, then followed with a 
final coat of clear Briwax & a good buffing.
 I glued some small scraps to the tiny 
furniture and coated the pieces with
 decoupage varnish before waxing.
I was going for a colorful shabby look 
with a very old patina.  I got a bit too
 heavy with the antiquing (my hands got
 tired during this process), but the 
furniture is definitely colorful!

Some red and white ticking for the bedding.
 You couldn't see the full pattern before.
The house is beginning to fill up!
I'm delighted to find a home
for this dust catcher.............
It just fits!
 Time for bedding and rugs from these 
colorful 30's prints.
I wonder what accessories I'll find for this 
house in the dollhouse boxes??
We are having a cool wet spring
here in the Ozarks!