Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fairy Makin'

 Fairy makin' takes lots of time & patience.
  I basically followed the directions in the book 
"Felt Wee Folk" by Sally Mavor, with just a few 
changes.  My fairies are an inch taller at 5 inches.  
I used 3 pipe cleaners & made their bodies & 
arms a little longer.  
 As most of you know, I have little talent for
 painting, but I've never let that stop me from 
trying.  At least they look happy & they can 
certainly see well in the moonlight with those
 big eyes!

I made do with embroidery thread for the hair
 instead of the suggested wool fleece.  I glued a 
small row of bangs from short pieces of embroidery 
thread onto the painted head.  I stitched long pieces
 of thread together with a back stitch, then glued 
that on top of the bangs & head.
 I trimmed the ends evenly, then braided.  (I had 
difficulty braiding tight braids, fairies are squirmy 
& my fingers are stiff.)  I used embroidery thread
 for the ties and bows.
Those teeny seed beads were like jumping beans,
I had more on the floor than on the fairies!  The 
directions called for small lily petals as wings, but 
I saw these butterflies in the floral department & 
thought they would make sparkly wings.
 I bought 2 sets of each color.
I carefully took them apart & removed 
the wire inserts, then glued 2 sets together
 to get one set of wings.

They were just the right size.  The wings 
below were stitched directly onto 
their tunics.
These wings were inserted thru small 
slits in their tunics, then stitched & glued
 to a small piece of wool felt.  This technique
looks much neater & the wings lay flatter.
 I traveled to northern Missouri to attend
 our annual girlfriend's get together this past
 weekend; hosted by Cinders.  I took the latest 
fairies for our little gift exchange.
  I had these large German paper mache eggs
with colorful farm scenes.  They made the
 perfect home for the wee country fairies.
 Be sure and stop by Bittersweet Needle & Thread
to see Cinders post on our fun weekend.  We took a day
trip to St. Joseph, Mo. for lunch and the museums.
Nothin' better than a weekend with your best pals!
This project was lots of fun, but a challenge for
 my old hands and eyes!  My fairy makin' days are 
over for now.............. I'm catchin' some city 
fairies for the second dollhouse!


  1. What a lot of thought and work you put into your fairies. I love my little Buttercup. I hope she will be happy in her new home. I had so much fun with you and Teresa. Can't wait til September.

  2. These are the sweetest little fairies. I like the lovely tunics and flower pedal skirts. The embroidery thread worked very well for the hair and even though you may not paint, you did a lovely job on the faces.

  3. beautiful fairy's, all of them. The eggs were the perfect size to fit them in. Lots of thought and preparation to make these little people. You did a great job on their painting. The eyes are pretty and freckles and a big smile too. The dresses with the flower petals are wonderful. Working on such a small scale is hard, but you wouldn't know it to look at all these beautiful little fairy's.

  4. What wonderful gifts for the friends! I love the German paper mache eggs...perfect home for the wee little ones.

  5. These are certainly sweet little things! And they do look happy even though someone said she couldn't paint; I think we're always our own worse critics. They're perfect! Anxiously waiting to see the city fairies!


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