Friday, May 29, 2015

Fairy Dollhouse #2 Interior

The weather has been gloomy, but here
 in southern Missouri we have not had the 
devastating storms and flooding those 
south of us are experiencing.  I hope you
 are all keeping safe and dry.
I've begun work on the second fairy
 dollhouse.  Just like the first one, I want
to use up some of the things I've gathered
over the years, plus make it durable for play.
I hid the rest of the lady bugs
 inside and outside,  25 in all.
  I chose several gnomes or dwarfs from 
these German scraps and glued them
to the walls, some will be hidden 
behind furniture. 
They are so colorful and amusing.
I also have a few very old large German 
dollhouse wallpaper panels depicting scenes
 from fairy tales, about 9 by 6 inches in size.
I'm saving them for a future dollhouse, 
but I couldn't resist using Snow White
 and the Seven Dwarfs for this one.
I tucked it way up high on the inside 
roof panel.

On the other roof panel, I put the 
Man In The Moon, gettin' a shine.
A fun surprise when you peek
 through the upper windows!
 I finished the interior with 2 coats of satin
 varnish.  Make do decoupage is very plain and 
simple, but kid proof.  Hopefully, the furniture 
& accessories will brighten it up.

 This Swedish furniture has a beautiful 
embossed design.  It's just the right size for this
 larger house.  European dollhouse furniture of the 
1900's was often made in 1/10 scale.  The standard
 today is 1/12 scale.  (1 inch to 1 foot). 
Originally, it was well made heavy furniture,
but it was in need of some repair & a
proper sanding.
The wardrobe was missing a handle,
the chairs needed re gluing & the bed
 didn't have a bottom.
(Thank you again hubs!)
Only 1 bed with this set, so the
fairies will have to share. 
I also have a few odds and end pieces
 that will work for this house that need 
painting too.  I've purchased 3 sample jars 
of Behr satin enamel interior trim paint
with primer in Melted Butter, Topiary Tint 
& Sea Rover.  
Don't ya' just love paint names?
Stay safe and dry!


  1. My heart just skipped a beat when I saw this today! Sooo cute and you do such good work decorating your houses. Will you make hillbilly gnomes to live inside? :)

  2. More dollhouse fun, for the wallpaper panels and the awesome Swedish furniture!

  3. Looks like a fun fairy house! Glad you have missed the terrible flooding and weather.

  4. What a surprise for any window peeker, to view the cute panels on the roof. I love the man in the moon. Great job. The gnomes and dwarfs are adorable. Can't wait to see all your work in person. I think we are finally going to be dry for a while from the rain - finally!

  5. You and your hubby are getting really good at making these Fairy Doll Houses. The house and furniture are charming.


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