Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fairy Dollhouse #1-Almost Done!

 I've gotten quite a bit done with the 
first hillbilly fairy dollhouse.
 I've finished all the braided rugs. A small
oval for the front porch, a larger blue for
 the kitchen & red for upstairs bedroom.

I rummaged through the flea market finds,
dollhouse minis & the craft supplies, to come
up with some playable fairy accessories.
 I had these tiny hand made whisk brooms
 & a couple of these buckets.  They had
wooden apples glued to the top, which I 
removed, then, stripped the paint.
The buckets weren't hollow inside, so the
 hubs drilled them out.  He made a small
 wooden handle for the whisk broom and
trimmed it down to fairy size.
I had oodles of wooden minis
 in the craft box.
I used Americana Decor Creme Wax 
 and non toxic craft paint to finish the
wooden accessories.

 The fairies will need a bucket to fetch water
 from the springs that feed the Swan Creek.
Ozark hill fairies are neat, clean and tidy,
sweeping is their favorite cleaning chore.

Tiny treenware.
The little log cabin is actually a puzzle.
It took me ages and a couple curse words
to put it back together!
 The hubs made a cutting board for the tiny
wooden rolling pin.  Ozark fairies are excellent
bakers.  Some of their favorites are sorghum
molasses cookies, wild blackberry cobblers,
 persimmon muffins and gooseberry pie.
 I may have to make slightly over weight fairies!
The hubs cut the top off one of the
wooden jars and drilled it out.
Bright vivid colors for the cutlery holder &
 containers with removable lids.
Homemade butter & wild honey?

Ozark jams from the wild berries
 that grow in the woods.
 Pretend cast iron pots and
pans & tea kettle.  
A closer glimpse.
 The furniture for this dollhouse was made in 
the German Democratic Republic in the late 70's
 or early 1980's.  I didn't have room for it all, so 
some will go in the next fairy house.

 Kleinhartmannsdorf is a village in Saxony, 
Germany about 118 miles south of Berlin.  
Kuche translates as kitchen.
 A tiny gathering basket & the 
wooden pendulum clock.
 Colorful wooden apples.
The fairies will enjoy cooking on the vintage
Bonnie Glo cast iron wood stove.  The oven
door even opens and closes.  The black pots
& pans are just the right size.
The doors on the cabinet slide back and forth &
the lower shelf is the perfect spot for the rolling pin.
The milk can's a tad small & the broom's too big,
 but hillbilly fairies don't care much about proportion.
A shovel is an important tool to a hill fairy.
It's used to dig sassafras root, so the fairies
 can make their favorite tea, sweetened with
wild Ozark honey stolen from the bees. 
(The bees don't mind)
This time of year they dig the wild morel
 mushrooms that grow beneath the oak trees.
  Fairies love fried shrooms!
  I removed the stickers from these little wooden
ladybugs and glued them in secret places.
A totally make do hillbilly fairy dollhouse
 for sure, but I've made a huge dent in the 
silly things I've gathered over the years.
 Time to make some fairies!
I love spring, I hope you are 
enjoying good weather too!


  1. Oh I want to come play with you; I'll ask my mommy right now! :)

    What a wonderful project! Actually makes me want to put away the quilt blocks and work on my clothespin dolls. No wooden house, but maybe I could make one from a cardboard box?

  2. You have so much creative thought to make all the fairy home decor. It is so cute. I am sure it will provide hours and hours of fun. A very special gift to cherish....

  3. You are a busy bee. everything is just so cute and perfect for your fairies. I can't wait to see the fairies them selves. Your husband is sweet to do all the little extra's for your fairie doll house.

  4. I have decided that I want to be an Ozarks hill fairy when I grow up! Why not? The lodging is oh-so-wonderful and the food can't be beat. I can't help but wonder if your sweet little niece might not, once in a while, enjoy having a fun-filled Fairy Day with Auntie and Uncle. (Gotta love your creativity and your attention to detail.)

    Have you looked at the Ozarks sky tonight? Wow! What a beautiful night...perfect for studying the heavens!

  5. This is FABULOUS in every way. It's such a treat to read your adorable tales about the house, the fairies and all the life and joy that will fills this house to the brim. Love it, what a wonderful house and I especially enjoy the windows and the rugs.

  6. What a story teller you are Sherri. Love your tiny details and accessories and Sassafras tea with honey sounds good right now. My how clean and tidy they are. I'm with Martha, when are the fairies coming home?

  7. So sweet! I want to move right in. I'm having fun watching your house come together as well as Salley Mavor's on her website.


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