Friday, March 27, 2015

Bedding & Braided Rug For The Fairy House

I've finished the bedding and a braided rug
for the fairy house upper floor.

The hubs made some sturdy bottoms
for the little beds, to replace the rather
flimsy ones.

I got out some blue ticking & 30's
reproductions fat quarters from my stash.
The painting on the furniture & the fairies on
the walls have bold colors & thought these
would coordinate well.
I had some lady bug buttons in the button tin &
 decided to use them.  It made a lumpy bed, but
maybe the fairies won't mind.
I made little hand stitched quilts
using 4 nine patch blocks
Flannel for the quilting & a
coordinating fabric for the back,
Red matching binding.
The quilts are so small I didn't quilt them.
I used 3 strips to make the quilt for the 
cradle, it's teeny tiny.
Fabric strips for the braided rug.

The rug is a 6 3/4 inch circle.

 Signs of spring here in the Ozarks!
 Gee, being retired is fun!!


  1. So so cute. You are just amazing. How precious are these little pieces of furniture. the bedding and rug is wonderful. these fairies should give you kisses every day for their fine home. They surely have the finest fairie house in existence. Every time I visit I see something extraordinary that you made. It is no surprise that everything is " perfect ".

  2. Maybe I could be an old fairy and move in? Precious work! I love that braided rug! Now you've made me want to get out my unfinished clothespin dolls, dress them, and at least make a home for them on a shelf.

    The Farmer took a package for you to mail this morning; hope it gets there safely. Charlotte

  3. I just stopped to take a break from quilting; and what a nice way to sit and rest awhile. I love looking at your fairy house creations. You have added so many wonderful details to make this home so special. I love the fabric choices and how you created little quilts for each of the beds; including the cradle. The braided rug is amazing. I am sure the fairies won't mind sharing the bed with the lady bugs. You have really made me smile! I think I could just sit and look at it forever.

  4. Mama Fairy has been a busy one...lots of needle, thread and cloth here! I am a big fan of the humble nine-path and have been playing around with a few myself. And, a great big WOW for that gorgeous braided rug! When the little fairies finally settle down to earth, they are going to love that. Glad to see you and Cappy took time out for a spring time walk!

  5. As well it should be! Glad you're enjoying yours. :~)

  6. I've been so busy stitching I almost missed this! I love the little furniture with it's bold painted floral prints on the headboards/footboards. Any fairy would be thrilled to sleep in those lady button mattresses. You always do such wonderful work with your little beds and quilts. I can't wait to see more...

  7. OMG! What perfect quilts for your cabin. And that rug!!!!! Why its absolutely perfection! The fairies don't know how good they have it.


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