Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015-Ava & Emmett

This is the last heart mold I have hanging on
the beams & it's loaded with detail.  The rose is 
definitely the most popular flower for 
Valentine's day.
Brown Bag Rose Heart 1992
I'm back from spending time in Kansas 
City, entertaining Miss Ava & helping my niece 
Emily while she settled in with Emmett.
What can I was such a pleasure.
Ava is a delight & Emmett is adorable.
Emily and Nick are wonderful parents.  They
make me very proud.
 I took Miss Ava the antique bed I recently
finished for "her" babies, but Mom
& Dad couldn't resist a photo op.

How sweet is that?
Hope you have a special Valentine's day!


  1. so cute. Beautiful bed and sweet baby sleeping on the little bed. the heart mold is pretty too. Hard to believe it is already the middle of february

  2. A perfect post for Valentine's sweet! Don't those gorgeous brown eyes just melt your heart? Now, she just might take a line from Goldilocks and the Three Bears..."Somebody's been sleeping in my bed."

  3. You're right ~ "How sweet is that!" Beautiful little ones!

  4. Emmett is sooo precious sleeping tight in that dolly bed. What's he going to say when he is twelve and sister Ava is teasing him about the picture! Wonderful memories. Nothing says Valentine as a rose. Your mold is lovely.

  5. The heart and the bed are so charming. Emmett is a sweet baby....too bad the bed is not for him! Ava has cute smile!

  6. Oh my goodness! Yep, that photo is one for the baby-book, for sure. So glad you got to enjoy these wee sweeties in person.


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