Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bonnie Belle Bufkins

I told this little Bufkin bunny she was certainly
a bonnie southern belle, so the name has stuck.

 Bonnie Belle will look lovely walking the
bunny trails in search of the wild carrots &
mushrooms that grow down by the Swan Creek.
No doubt she will certainly be the prettiest belle
 attending the first garden party of spring.
(I'm so ready for spring!)

It was nice to feel cotton in my fingers again.
Bufkin bunnies love big buttons.
(Actually, they are 1/2 in. in size.)
Her sundress is sewn together & is not removable.

 Standing Bonnie Belle is 14 inches tall
to the tip of her ears.  These photos were taken
with her sitting on a small jar, as she cannot
stand alone, unless you balance her
perfectly & hold your tongue just right!
 Mrs. Bufkins was made with the same
greenish wool fabric.  Her photo shows
the color of the wool more accurately.
I have added Bonnie Belle to my for sale page.
We've had lots of snow and cold weather
this past week, hope it's warmer in your neck
 of the woods.


  1. Both bunnies are adorable! I really like their dresses!

  2. Bonnie Belle the name and love the bunny! And, what a way to kick off spring, which really isn't far away! It seems that someone else might be getting a bit anxious to go exploring the trails along Swan Creek. I can't help admire your oh-so-perfect cartridge pleating! I keep meaning to try my hand at it on the very next doll dress. :-/

  3. What a Bonnie lass she is, and yes indeed, we all are ready for spring. (I do like snow tho!) Her dress fabric is beautiful. I like how you used the green leaf as trim, really cute. And you're the BEST at cartridge pleats!

  4. Luv your creations, Miss Bonnie puts a spring smile on my face. Connie

  5. very sweet bunny. Such a pretty dress and fine bonnet. I do love my bunny you made for me, so I know first hand how wonderful they are.

  6. Bonnie Belle is adorable! I love to see all of your hand work. You do an amazing job! I am sure she will find a home soon but she will be hard to let go!

  7. Her proportions are so perfect! She is indeed a bonnie belle. :~)

  8. Again such a sweet creation! I noticed your sale page, but do you have an Etsy shop? Etsy is for all people who make hand made items or who sell vintage items. They are free.......they just charge 20 cents per photo listed. I think you would gain a big audience for your adorable dolls.

  9. Is there a pattern available for making your bunny? Love the nose. Thanks, Teresa

  10. Sorry Teresa, I have no pattern for sale for this bunny!

  11. Sherri,
    I just wondered if you design your own patterns or if you have a resource for some of them? Thanks, Teresa

    1. This bunny is made from my own pattern, but I do not have patterns for sale. Sorry!


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