Sunday, February 8, 2015

An Ozark Hills Bufkins Bunny

I've finished a little green wool (she looks
 gray in the photos) Bufkin bunny.
Seated, she's 11 inches to the tip of her ears.
 She's hand sewn & has glass German eyes.  
Her inner ears and paw pads are a soft greenish
 suede.  Her head, arms & legs are jointed.

She still needs some shading
around her eyes and nose.
Like the bunnies in my yard, she's
all arms and legs.
She does look sweet in her
Southern Belle radish bonnet.

In keeping with the Southern Belle theme,
I've chosen an authentic Civil War reproduction
 called Party of Twelve, for her sundress.  It makes
me think of Twelve Oaks, the beautiful plantation
 owned by the Wilkes family in Gone With The Wind.
I love the deep green & red, with the soft 
blue accents.  These cadmium red 
glass early 1900's buttons will look nice.
My camera isn't picking up the true 
wool color, but it looks more like this 
doctored photo.  She really is a green rabbit.
Happy Sewing!


  1. She looks grey on my iPad but I love her! She is very sweet!

  2. She's a sweetie! Looks almost bluish on my monitor. It must be a very subtle green.

  3. Oh yes, and her Southern Belle radish bonnet is a perfect fit. And the Party of Twelve reproduction print will work beautifully with her gorgeous bonnet. What a lucky little bunny!

  4. The hat and bunny go well together (I can't get over those radishes!). And I really like your fabric and buttons. I'm glad you are able to get back to sewing. I, too have been busy with projects.

  5. Sweet as can be. I do love those big ears and the bonnet is precious on her. that fabric is perfect too. A good pattern and color. Every rabbit should definitely have a radish bonnet.

  6. Beautiful Bunny, love the bonnet and the red buttons.

  7. She is wonderful! Especially in her bonnet. I love the fabric and buttons you picked out.

  8. The shape of her head is wonderful, Sherri! She looks very sturdy...I was surprised when you said how big/small she is.

  9. Do you sell any of your patterns for the clothing, stuffed animals? I really like your sight - so much detail in your instructions. Thanks for sharing. Teresa


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