Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ingenious Raphael Tuck Postcards-1922

These ingenious movable postcards were published
in 1922.  Each little doll sits on a cushion & has
lots of accessories to complete the scene.  The other
side of the postcard has directions and an image of
the completed mechanical doll.  I love everything
 about these beautifully illustrated postcards.   
 Sweet lambs!

I love the dolly's heart shaped cheeks.
 A lucky Irish pig.

 I wonder what she's knitting?

The second set in the series features children from
different parts of the world.

Street performer, see the coins in her hankie.

  A little golliwog dolly.

 This one's for Mary Bean at Chip Butter White Oak blog

 Sadie, my grand dog!
Wasn't that a fun way to spend a couple minutes?
The hand is healing nicely,
before long I should be back to my
normal arthritic state!  Not working
on a project is boring.  I think the
daughter & I will take a trip or 2.
Back soon.


  1. Good morning, Sherri. Now you know full well I spent more than a couple of minutes here with your adorable Tuck's cards...kind of got stuck on Minnehaha, then saw your note! Ha! Thanks!

    The weather is looking great...just perfect for your gallivanting! Maybe you will bring back something to share with us. See you later...

  2. They are amazing! I love the gentle tones of even the bright colors used back then.

  3. How cute! I remember playing with paper dolls and really enjoyed them! Unfortunately girls now don't play with any dolls, they have their ipad...and can play dress up there. My favorite post card is the "Bonnie Hieland Laddie" I'm a sucker for a bag pipe! Glad to hear you are healing and do have fun with running around. Oops, sorry, NO running! Walk! Miss you

  4. These are cute and I bet a lot of children played with them. I had a few paper dolls when I was little, I still like them. Hope your hand is healing up, and won't be so painful for you. Winter isn't a good time for healing due to the damp and cold, but you just have to take care of yourself.


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