Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Bufkins Bunny Bonnet & Basket

I'm back at sewing, yea!  I thought I'd start with
 something I can use a bigger needle with, easier
to grasp.  So, I dug out my hat mold & stitched up
a Bufkin bunny bonnet.

Leaving room for the ears.

Since the Bufkin girl bunnies favorite flower is the
 rose, I chose a velvet wild rose.  Also, a few tiny blue
 velvet forget-me-nots, velvet leaves, some vintage
 millinery radishes and a dark green silk ribbon.

I cut the large leaves into smaller ones.

Added a length of ribbon to each side.

Doesn't every bunny want a radish hat?

This bunny will also need a little basket
 for foraging in the woods.
Vintage carrots, some moss &
 teeny mushrooms too.
Along the way, she'll spread some
Heirloom Wild Rose seeds.
Time to start stitching a Bufkin bunny!
My niece Emily & her husband Nick have
a new baby boy, Emmett James, 9 lbs 2 oz.
Welcome to the world!
 Miss Ava is very excited to have a baby brother.
I get my beautiful velvet flowers from By
Gone Days, based in Australia.  I have their
link listed under my favorite places.
By Gone Days



  1. A beautiful bonnet, somebunny is going to be very hoppy to wear it. Congrats on the beautiful baby boy. Nothing as sweet as a newborn baby ♡ Blessings friend

  2. Oh how I love your Bunny Bonnets! The basket full of goodies is wonderful too. I'm glad your back to least with a bigger size needle for now. Bunny time is just around the corner and I'll have to stitch up a few.
    I enjoyed the photo of Miss Ava and the sweet smile as she watches her baby brother. Love the name Emmet James. What a lovely family. Congratulations to your niece and her husband.

  3. What a great way to celebrate your return to sewing! Your Bufkin bunny bonnet is a work of art, for sure. And, of course it would be a fashionable radish hat complete with velvet wild rose and dark green silk ribbons. I love it! Congratulations to all your family on the beautiful baby boy!

  4. super pretty and unique too. Love the hat and basket, You are so gifted in these things. Many congratulations on the new baby. Both the children are so sweet.

  5. Congrats to you and your family. A new little one is always such joy. Lots of kisses! And the smell of a newborn, ahhh! What a sweet bunny hat and radish are just perfect and yummy! And then carrots, OMG! Glad your sewing hand is better.

  6. I sometimes wish I were a doll so I could wear one of your hats. Congrats on the wee family member!

  7. how wonderfully creative you are! That little hat is the cutest! And that little baby is the sweetest!

  8. Glad you are back to sewing! Your bunny bonnet is very sweet and so is the baby!


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