Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Really?

In December I finished the chemise for the
doll I'm working on.  It's cotton with flat felled
seams and tiny lace edging.  It seems like I worked
on it for ages!
It has side gores. 
The last thing I did was make the button loop.
Yikes............... the fabric split.  Nothing to
 do but mend it.  You can see the large stitches 
& uneven button loop. 
Frankly, the chemise is ill fitting.  It looks
like an old mended hand me down, originally
worn by a much fatter dolly, but it will stay
with her.  (She doesn't seem to notice
it's failings!)
I've chosen the fabrics for her dress and cape.
I decided against wool fabric for her cape, it was just too thick
 for a doll this size.  This reproduction brushed flannel is one of 
those horrid period greens I am not fond of, but somehow they look 
so right in the end & I'm always pleased.  Plaids were very popular
 & I will use one of the early 1900 black glass buttons for the closure.
I've wanted to use this early reproduction print for a
long time, even though it's really too large & not suitable for
a small doll dress.  I think the colors are beautiful & these tiny 
antique green hobnail buttons will look lovely down the front.  I
 think the vintage 1/4 inch rick rack will compliment the dress too. 
What do ya' think......way too big?
I also worked on another wool elephant from the
1905 Ladies Home Journal pattern.  This one
 has teeny antique German black glass eyes. 
If I hadn't fallen UP the stairs & jammed the fingers
of my right arthritic hand, I'd be much further along
with these projects!!!  For now, they have to wait.
I couldn't grasp the little needles, so I went for the big ones.
I was in need of a plain warm walkin' scarf, besides, I
thought it would be a good way to get my joints moving.
I only know the very basics of knitting, just enough to 
make simple scarves with no pattern.  With all the
beautiful specialty yarns you can purchase today, the 
stitching doesn't show anyway. 
These are big knitting needles & this scarf has 18 stitches.
Painfully awkward & the image of Struwwelpeter 
 kept floating around in my mind.
This is the plain ole' knit stitch.
I cut some lengths of yarn for fringe.  I had some 
extra variegated green yarn I thought would blend
in nicely.
Attaching the fringe.
 Then pull.

Dampen and lay out flat to block.  I used the
 rotary cutter, lip edged ruler & cutting mat to 
trim the fringe evenly.
Not fabulous, but my joints were beginning
 to loosen up a little, despite the swelling.
Even though my walkin' coat has a hood,
my ears still get cold, so I decided to make a
warm head band.  I made 3 skinny scarves
(knit a row, pearl a row), braided them together
then stitched the ends together.  I made a small
square to cover my ugly stitches.  Not my best
work, but they are WARM.
I added a carved coconut button,
I checked You Tube & there are numerous
learn to knit videos that look so easy.
I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  Steve & I had a Christmas
 Eve dinner at the Panda House in honor of the movie "A Christmas
 Story".  Our son Alex came on Christmas and spent several days 
with us.  We enjoyed our time together, great fun.  Leann had shows 
till after New Year's, (something we are used to) but will soon
 be here for an extended stay & we are planning a couple trips.
 I still can't grip a needle so I've decided to take a blogger
 break.  I have several different projects I hope to do this year,
 along with dolls & a stuffed animal or two.  I also look forward
 to seeing all the posts from my blogger buddies.  Thank you for 
sticking with me and leaving such kind comments, they mean a lot!
Click below to learn about Struwwelpeter if you've 
never heard of him or the other cruel bizarre children's
stories by German author Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann.

My New Year's resolution.........use the hand rail!
Back in February


  1. All set for a bit of hiking, I see. Well, come on down and we will take turns wearing that gorgeous scarf and head band! The brushed flannel is a great choice for Dolly's cape, and will look great with the early reproduction print. I am sure Wool Elephant will have one of your gorgeous silk ribbons around his neck. Long cold January...a great time to have your daughter home and to take a break from blogging.

  2. Love the buttons and fabric you chose for the dolls clothes! Sorry about the fingers and hopefully they will heal soon. My mashed finger is returning to normal color and size so I will be back to work soon. My grandmother tried to teach me to knit. She made me redo a scarf so many times that I didn't want to knit any more. I would much rather crochet. Have a nice break and will see you in February!

  3. Some of us like loose fitting clothes and do not want to be bound up and cinched in! So,I think the chemise is perfect! I have not hear of side gores, but think I might need them in some of my outfits, hummm. The fabric is nice and I don't think it will be too big of print. Sorry to hear about your "accident". Do I need to come there to go over safety techniques with you like I do my patients? I also like your scarf and head band. It nice to make something different every once in a while. Love your blog and hope you get back to it real soon. Miss you

  4. Oh dear, sorry about the ouches! The elephant is adorable!

  5. Everything is pretty. the dolls under ware, so nice. I am sorry you hurt your hand. I know that did hurt and is giving you a lot of problems. The wrist and fingers are a especially bad place to get hurt. I worry about my hands and my eyes giving out on me. If they do then it will certainly be a huge road block in making things in the future. Rest up and let your self heal and have a good visit with your daughter and some good trips too. Love, Martha

  6. SO good to hear from you, Sherri. Isn't it funny how each of us has a different taste for color? I LOVE that green. :~D And your dollie actually looks so sweet in that chemise. The mending and the size make her look that much more antique-authentic. I too can knit, in the most basic of fashions, and your scarves have inspired me. We'll be moving to a place where the winters are colder...maybe I'll break out the fluffy yarn and give it a whirl. Or a purl. Hugs to you my dear, and I hope your hands get better soon.

  7. Your work is always so pretty! I love the elephant! Hope your hand heals quickly!


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