Saturday, December 13, 2014

Flocked Wagner Kunstlerschutz Animals

I have done very little decorating this year,
as our Christmas will be very quiet, but
I have refused to succumb to the holiday
doldrums, so I put this small tree on the dining
room table to remind us of all the wonderful
Christmases we've enjoyed over the years.

 When the kids were young, Leann & I looked forward 
to attending the Hall's Department Store's 1/2 price
 after Christmas sale, while dad & Alex stayed home to 
play with the latest "boy" toy.  Hall's is the department 
store division of the Kansas City based Hallmark
 cards & every year they had a fabulous Christmas decor
 section with amazing things from all around the 
world.  I would drool over the blown glass ornaments,
 Santas & nutcrackers, but Leann was always drawn to the 
little flocked Wagner animal ornaments from Germany.
   After a few years there were enough to decorate a small 
tree.  The hubby made a wooden container & painted it 
red for that old world German look.  The kids decorated 
it with miniature bubble lights, a few German candles 
 and some glass & wooden beads.
These little critters were made by Fritz Wagner, 
a sculptor and mold designer, in his Rodental 
workshop.  The workshop made over 300 
different animals in several sizes beginning in the 
late 1940's, until closing their doors in 1998.
My favorites are the hedge hogs.  
This is the wee baby.
This fella lost his tusks ages ago & 
 several have lost their hangers.
These animals were often played with!


A simple little tree, but big memories for us both.
To learn more about the history of these
little critters visit the Wagner Animals Blog
The link below is the latest Wagner Animals
blog post, all about Polar bears, very cute.
Wagner Animals Polar Bear Post
What brings back special memories for you?


  1. I am so sorry you're having holiday doldrums (even as you work to avoid them). This is a lovely post, the pictures are enchanting!

  2. I guess I have the holiday doldrums since nothing has been decorated. But I do have my eye on a little pine tree; maybe next week. You have lots of special things and many special memories to go with them. Of course I remember the Christmas days when I was little; so much anticipation and peeking! Some of my happiest memories are the times spent with my daughters listening to Burl Ives sing on the old reel-to-reel tape player while we waited for Christmas day.

  3. You have some very special memories that this tree brings alive. How wonderful for you and Leann to have a shopping day at the department store collecting these flocked animals. I'm drawn to the little lamb and can see why they were played with!
    Thank-you for sharing your photos and your treasured memories. For me, the Christmas Ornaments I hang on my tree also bring back special memories and several ornaments were given as gifts.

  4. I love these fuzzy creatures...they remind me of things my aunt carried in her gift shop. Enjoy some particular craft or cooking this holiday, whether you're having a "quiet" Christmas or not!

  5. Sorry but I am one of those people who has everything decorated and done. Just need to bake! I had never heard of these ornaments before. I love them - especially the hedge hog and the squirrel!

  6. such sweet animals. I have a set of four those and I adore them.
    what a cute little tree -
    Merry Christmas

  7. Now that's a Christmas right down memory lane! Those memories make the greatest gifts, don't you think!. My favorite tree ornaments are those made by our children down through the years. We enjoy getting out the old photos to take a look back at long ago Christmas mornings. Just have to watch out for a silly little tear or two!

  8. As I age, Christmas is not the same at all. Pretty low key and simple. My treasures are my memories of past trees and decorations, gifts (some good, some not so good!), family members who are no longer with us and of running around like a mad woman trying to get it all done! Oh my, and the food! I'm starting this year to make some of the foods I had as a child that my mother and grandmother made on holidays. We'll see how THAT goes! Love your tree and your story. I have not heard of Fitz Wagner, but he made beautiful animals. Merry Christmas

  9. Sherri, I'm back to answer your comment about my quilt blocks with the black centers. If you look at my post for Oct. 23, 2014, there is a picture of a few of the blocks laid out in the way they will be sewn together.
    It's so wonderful that you have blocks your mother made; hope you can use them in a quilt.


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