Sunday, November 2, 2014

Refurbished Italian Creche

It's way too early to think about Christmas, but
 I took advantage of the nice fall weather to refurbish the
Creche to one of the nativity sets.  It's really looking natty.
Last year after Christmas, I came across this beautiful book 
written by Keith Christopher & illustrated by Christine 
Kernacki.  It gave me the idea that I would give one of the
nativity sets to my great niece Ava for Christmas this year.
  Okay, she's only two, but I know my niece Emily would love to
 have one for her family (she's very traditional & loves anything
that's been in the family), besides, little Ava will get oodles of 
toys and someday, I think she will appreciate having it.  
This book is very simply written.  It's short 
and will hold a little one's attention.
The creche is structurally sound for it's age, around
50 years old, but it's lookin' rather shabby.
I brushed all the old moss and straw away.
I had some sphagnum moss from a prior project, glue 
and a small bale of straw from the fall decorations.
This glue is very sticky and extra thick stuff. 
 I used it to adhere the moss, covering all of the 
old glue spots.
I used Tacky glue diluted with water 
and brushed it on to attach the straw.
After it was thoroughly dry,
I took it to the hubs shop and blew off  
everything that was loose with the air hose. 
This nativity set is made out of some sort of 
composition clay.  Weighty, sturdy and in near mint
condition.  One good thing about nativity sets, they 
aren't really toys and are only displayed once a year.
I actually went to E-bay this morning and was
amazed at how many beautiful "vintage" nativity sets I
 saw.  Many in wonderful condition and not too expensive.
I love the word vintage, it makes something "used"
sound so special!
 The little sheep to this set are plastic.
I don't think chickens were at the first nativity,
but Ava loves chickens, so I bought these plastic
German ones by Schleick.  I think I'll look for some
 baby chicks and a baby goat too.  I love goats.
I also bought a storage container to wrap it all 
in.  I think it turned out very nicely & ought to 
be good for another half century!
I'm working on a doll too.  Just got her wool
plaited hair done & starting some clothing.
Happy fall!


  1. This is surely special!! I need to clean up the stable to my set; a lot of the old moss has fallen into the storage box. I love the hair on your doll! The finishing touches you doll makers (you and Mary) give your dolls always amaze me.

  2. A lovely read! I always think it is too early to start thinking about Christmas........and then before I know it, it is already Christmas Eve!

  3. You did an amazing job on the Nativity set!! What a thoughtful and treasured gift this will be!! Love the doll hair too!! Just beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Warm Hugs~

  4. Great job on the Nativity set! It looks wonderful! The hair on your doll in lovely and I am looking forward to seeing her dressed!

  5. It seems to me that one can never get started too early on Christmas preparations. No matter, I am never ready. How wonderful that Little Ava will grow up with the memories of this Nativity each year. I also love the new doll's hair. Wish I had hair that I could do up like this!

  6. Wonderful job on the refurbish. You've inspired me to do the same to mine. I would have never thought to that otherwise! Thanks <3

  7. I've been on vacation and missed this post! Love the new dolly--can't wait to see her dressed. :)

  8. Job well done!! How funny, I was just thinking about making some Christmas table runners! It's never too early to be prepared for the holidays.

  9. I have been gone too, but am trying to catch up. The nativity is very sweet and you did an great job restoring it. It is a thoughtful gift and I am sure Eva and her family will enjoy having it.


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