Friday, October 10, 2014

Dolly Straw Bonnets-The Blackler Collection Of Cloth Dolls

The weather has been so nice, it's hard to stay indoors and
work on dollys, but I have managed to get a few simple
poke bonnets stitched together.  They still need to be lined
and decorated.
 I buy my Italian hat straw at:
Judith M
Earlier his week, Theriaults Auction House had an auction of
cloth dolls from the Blacker Collection.  If you are interested
in the early American hand made cloth dolls, I highly recommend
 you take the time to watch the 4 videos of the collection
narrated by Florence Theriault. 
These dolls are amazing!


  1. It's been really nice outside here too and like you I just had to spend the day outdoors. Your poke bonnets are beautiful. I don't know how to make straw poke bonnets. Maybe one day I will.

  2. I love these little bonnets, but I don't understand about "the straw". Is it a product you buy?

    1. I added a photo of the Italian hat straw I use to make bonnets. I buy it at Judith M Millinery, and have also added a link to the site.

  3. I also love your little bonnets. I just reviewed, AGAIN, your fabulous tutorials on making straw bonnets. I am sure you enjoyed seeing the wonderful bonnets worn by many of the dolls in the Blacker Collection.

  4. very pretty bonnets. You make the best ones.

  5. The bonnets are great! When the weather is nice I love this time of year outdoors.
    Gotta enjoy it while it lasts!


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