Sunday, October 5, 2014

Book Recommendations

Just back from visiting family in Kansas City.
 I hit a couple antique malls & brought back
3 books to add to my wee little doll library.
This first book was recommended to me by Mary
Bean at Chip Butter White Oak.  Mary lives in the
Arkansas Ozark mountains south of me.  She's an
artist with her camera, & she makes beautiful
 dolls with a southwest flair.  Click on the link
below to see her latest doll Yancy.
If you are interested in learning how 
 authentic antique doll's clothing was 
sewn and constructed this is the 
perfect book.  I have literally been "over 
the moon" & can't put it down!
 The first half of the book is illustrations
of dolls and their original costumes from 
collections in the Wenham Museum, in 
Wenham Massachusetts, and Yesteryears at 
Sandwich.  They date from 1835 to 1915.
Just a few examples.

The second half is projects, with a section on sewing
stitches & different techniques used in historic 
clothing construction.  It has detailed drawings of the 
interior of the garments & lots of patterns.
All in one book, I highly recommend it.
The second book I found is about the exhibit 
"The Heart Of The Tree-Early Wooden Dolls To The 1850's".
  It was in 2002 at the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art in
 Bellevue, Washington.  Loads of beautiful illustrations &
very informative.

The third book is Modern Collectible Dolls.
Future antique dollies for sure.
 Top right wooden doll below is by Eric Horne,
a well known doll and toy maker in England.
I have a couple of those tucked in a drawer,
who knew?
  Of course, Hitty.

These are the other doll related books I have,
that I would recommend.


I'm not an avid quilter, but I do love
to make little doll quilts & the log cabin
is my favorite pattern, so for me this is the
best quilting book, fast & easy!
 My favorite book about a doll.

My favorite dollhouse book.
What books to you recommend?
I'd love to know.
Happy Reading!
Mary also suggests some other books in the comments,
so check those out too!


  1. You scored! That first one on sewing doll clothes looks to be a lot more useful in detail than some of the doll-clothing books are. Wow!

  2. One knows if Mary Bean recommends a book it has to be a good one. She truly makes beautiful clothing for her dolls! I have one or two books she suggested I should use. But, I'm more of a hands-on type of person, meaning I need to be shown a technique instead of using pictures from a book. I could never make my own pattern (quilting is different for me). I know we'll be seeing more wonderful creations from you.

  3. Aren't the old original doll costumes amazing! Seems we have lost something along the way. I am already so impressed with your hand-stitched work influenced by historic clothing construction, and can only imagine what beautiful doll costumes YOU could create from the patterns in this book.

    I only have a couple of the other books here, the Venus Dodge book, which I use a lot, and Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse, which is just wonderful. In addition to these books, I also recommend The Doll Book by Estelle Ansley Worrell, and another book by the same author, Dolls, Puppedolls, and Teddy Bears. The Complete Dollmaker by Alice D. Weiner has been a great help to me, also. And, if you should ever run onto Mimi's Machine Heirloom Sewing by Mildred Turner and Mimi's Heirloom Sewing Book Two, both by Mildred Turner, sweep them both up in a heartbeat...both fabulous books!

    Also, thanks for a little push my way. Beautiful days here in the Ozarks; makes me want to put aside the needle, thread and cloth and spend some time in the great outdoors. Happy trails to you!

  4. Such lovely dolls and clothing! It seems that the vintage doll clothes had more to them and not so plainly sewn as the new doll clothes do.

  5. I have all these books so I agree you have a wonderful collection!

  6. Beautiful books and lots to learn. Your sewing is wonderful and I know you will take advantage to make more pretty dresses and those fabulous bonnets.

  7. I have a couple of the books which I found in used book stores. Usually I keep an eye out for any doll book whether I make that kind or not. I enjoy reading the history and then you never know what technique you can use. I don't have Tasha's doll house book. Need to get that one!


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