Friday, October 31, 2014

Hallowe'en Postcards 1908

These Hallowe'en cards were designed 
by American illustrator Frances Brundage
 (1854-1937), and sold in America in 1908.
I love the expressions on the faces!
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Visit To Red Oak II--Home of Missouri Artist Lowell Davis

My friend Lis & I took a trip to Red Oak II, home of 
Missouri artist Lowell Davis.  Over the last 30 years Lowell 
has moved and rescued numerous builds from around the
 state of Missouri and turned his home and acreage into
 one huge canvas.  All lovingly restored with an artists touch 
and Lowell's wonderful sense of humor.
Photo courtesy of Missouri Life Magazine
Missouri Life Magazine
Lowell was first recognized for his wildlife sculptures in 
bronze, and wildlife paintings.  However, he is most known 
for his figurines of rural Missouri life during the early 30's 
& 40's & scenes along old Route 66, produced by Border 
Fine Arts of Scotland and sold worldwide.  Collectors from 
every corner of the globe have made their way to Red Oak II.
Here are just a few of his figurines.
Catnapping Too?
Kissin Cousins
Itisket, Itasket
The Bride
Outing With Grandpa
His Eyes Are Bigger Than His Stomach
(Do you see the little fox peeking around the corner?)
 We stopped in Carthage, about 2 hrs from my home for 
lunch & a bit of antiquing.  This is the beautiful limestone 
courthouse in the downtown square.
About a mile east of Carthage on Hwy 96 you'll
spot this ole' jalopy, turn left on road 130 and follow
the little signs to Red Oak II.
Ya can't miss it.
As we pulled in, there stood Lowell, lightn' his 
corncob pipe and sportin' his ever present
 neckerchief, this one was bright pink!
The first time I visited the original Red Oak, was 
in the early 80's.  A that time, it was his home 
and artist studio. That property now belongs to his 
daughter & is no longer open to the public.
  Lowell being the sweet man he his, took us
on a little private tour of the "original" Red Oak.
 Lowell's studio.
 Gardens and other out buildings.
Lowell's various awards and plaques are
proudly displayed in the throne room.
Lowell's original living quarters.
A peek inside the chicken coop featured in paintings
and sculptures.  I was over the moon, out houses and 
chicken coops, life can't get any better for an old 
Missouri gal.
Lowell left us to meander around Red Oak II at our leisure.
The Town Hall.
Bench seating.
The Feed & Seed.

Red Oak Diner
Red Oak Cafe
Elmira School House
Filling Stations.
Grandpa Weber's Blacksmith Shop where Lowell's 
great-grandfather practiced his trade.
Red Oak General Store owned by Lowell's father
& where he learned to paint and sculpt.
Salem Country Church.
Open daily, services on Sunday & everyone's welcome.
Red Oak Black Hen Cafe
Bandstand at the Black Hen.

Bandstand garden, seating and aviary.

Marshall Hooker's Office & Home.

Red Oak Childcare Center
Red Oak II Cemetery.
Cackleberry Park

The residents roam free.

Various buildings and homes.
(Too many to post here)

Outhouses and wee chicken coops.
Vehicles, sculptures & scenes from 
everyday rural life.  I wish I could show
you them all!
This sculpture used to be mounted on a large pole atop a 
manure spreader at the entrance to Red Oak  &
was referred to as the crap duster!
This little gem of a house was a favorite.
(The flowers are so pretty in the spring and summer)
Lowell and his wife Rose live in the notorious
outlaw Bell Starr's home.
 Grand children?
Lowell and Rose kindly welcome 
visitors into the old original part of their home.
Lowell is a ham for the camera & I was happy to oblige.

Lowell has written 2 art story books just
full of illustrations taken directly from Lowell's
life at Red Oak II.

His autobiography is an interesting 
tale of his artistic journey.
Lis & I had such a good day.
Lowell is in his 70's now and due to severe arthritis, he 
no longer paints or sculpts.  Graciously, (hopefully not to 
painfully) he autographed my Book On Chickens.

Thank you Rose and Lowell for sharing your amazing
"art" with all us regular folks!
If you get near Carthage Missouri, don't miss this gem
of the Ozarks.  Red Oak II is open every day, no charge,
 just drive in and enjoy. 
There is a donation box to help pay for upkeep.
All figurines are retired.
Lowell's books are available at Amazon.
Click the link below to visit Red Oak II
Red Oak II
Click below to see Lowell's art work.
Lowell Davis Collectors

Lean more about the notorious outlaw Bell Starr.
(I swear she looks like Noah Berry in drag) 
Belle Star 
I hope you enjoyed the tour!