Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vacation Time

We've just returned from a little vacation.
We headed to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to visit Leann
and Simmone & catch their new quick change act
at the Smoky Mountain Opry Theatre.  Eight costume
changes in under 4 minutes, amazing.
They still do the aerial act the audience loves!
(We still cringe!)
They took some time off from the show.  While
Simmone headed to New York to meet his mother Tatiana
and aunt Natalia visiting from Russia, we headed south 
to see the sites of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.
We ate wonderful southern food at the famous Hyman's 
restaurant  & enjoyed the shops on historic King Street.
Our favorite was the Goorin Brothers hat shop.
We took the ferry to Fort Sumter.

On the way back we passed the famous 
aircraft carrier, the Yorktown.

  Cappy and Sadie enjoyed the ocean beach at John's Island
and we visited the famous Angel Oak tree.

 Mother Nature is amazing!
After seeing the sites of New York & Washington, D.C.,
Simmone's family will spend some time in Pigeon 
Forge enjoying the sites of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. 
I know they will have a wonderful time visiting Leann
                     Natalia Liapina (Aunt)    Tatiana Gruzdeva (Mom)                                      

Learn more:
Goorin Hats 
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  1. "We" needed a little vacation, didn't glad you took us along. You handle your camera as well as you do needle and thread. My bet is that Cappy is glad to be back at the cabin!

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous vacation. thanks for sharing pictures of your adventures. Your daughter is beautiful and I do know you enjoyed your time with her and Simmone.

  3. What a wonderful time! So glad you got to spend time with Leann. Seriously incredible trees there!

  4. What a fun and beautiful place to visit on vacation! My son was stationed in Charleston before being deployed to Hawaii for the Navy. He always told me about how beautiful the town and surrounding were!


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