Saturday, August 9, 2014

Project Update--Brown Bag Mold

The mattress for the large doll bed is ready
 to be tufted.  I made a large bolster pillow and a
 couple of smaller ones.  Hopefully, I'll finish it up 
this week & do a simple tutorial in my next post.
Our eccentric neighbor, an avid member of the
White River Valley Historical Society, has 
convinced me to write a family history for
their upcoming book about the families of Taney
 County.  Deadline is the end of August.  Oh my,
another project!  I'm beginning to wonder when I'll 
get one finished.  That will probably happen when........
When Pigs Fly-1993
5 inches tall
7 1/2 inches wide
Happy Sewing!


  1. that is the sweetest doll bedding I've ever seen !

  2. Wow! If I didn't know this was a mattress and pillows set for a doll bed, I'd think these were a Serta sleep set! :) You've done a beautiful job! The cording makes it look so real! Now I'm anxious to see the bedding.

  3. Ditto on the cording--what a wonderful little set! You will do fine on the writing--don't I keep harping on you to write? I meant that you should write about the dolls and antiques and stuff, but hey--if this'll get you started, get to work! :~)

  4. I love the cording you put on the mattress!
    My Dad always slept with a feather bolster which I still have.
    Neat to see a doll sized one!

  5. I am with Lil Red Hen - feel like I could crawl right into this comfy bed. I really like the red ticking, and of course, the cording. My dolls would love this bed. They are just worn out from all I put them through in getting here, and need extensive bed rest!

  6. What a wonderful bed and the red ticking mattress. How exciting to be asked to write a family history for the
    White River Valley Historical Society. Here's hoping you make that deadline! I'm sure you'll do very well.


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