Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Raphael Tuck Dolly Postcards & Miss Ava

These oilette Raphael Tuck postcards painted by German 
artist and doll maker Kathe Kruse were sold in America
 in 1915.  I love her dolls & was delighted to find these
 postcards.  I thought you'd enjoy them too.
 Poor little fella, he's just not to sure about this.
 They were also sold in Germany, France & Holland,
written in the appropriate language.
Learn more about this extraordinary doll maker here:
 Kathe Kruse
These little wooden dolly postcards painted by British artist
Phyllis Cooper, were sold as a package of 6 in 1932.  I 
see lots of inspiration in these colorful cards!
 A few more Phyllis Cooper postcards.  Her illustrations are
just stunningly vivid & there is so much to see. 
This set of 6 are from 1924.

We are enjoying the company of our niece Emily and great 
niece Miss Ava this week.
 The dollhouse has been a huge hit!
 What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. Are the postcards in a personal collection? They are very sweet. And I can just imagine the good time the littles had playing with the dollhouse. I know I would have a good time playing with it :)

    1. All the postcards are from the Raphael Tuck & Sons database and are in the public domain. I have a link at the bottom of my blog under Favorite Places. It's a great place to find holiday greetings for a blog, but heed my can waste hours looking through the 130,000 plus postcards!! It is fun though.

  2. Fun, fun...playing with the little ones! So, glad you do all the work looking through the 130,000 plus postcards, so we can enjoy! The Kathe Kruse doll postcards are so sweet.

  3. The cards are very pretty. Miss Ava is a little doll. I know she loved the doll house.

  4. Oh my...Kathe Kruse post cards. I wish you could see all the first generation dolls here at this convention. That wee girlie is making the doll house very happy.

  5. So sweet and adorable! Such a sweet little doll with the doll house.........she is so cute!


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