Saturday, July 26, 2014

Martha Bishop Primitive Rag Doll & Bed Update

I had hoped to work on the bedding for Aletha's bed
 this past week, but the hubby took it to his workshop.
I did peek in on Wed. to see the progress and it was
partially dismantled.  It's been re glued & has a nice
 "old" looking slat to replace an earlier replacement.
It's definitely sturdy now & even has a nice coat
 of Briwax.  The hubs does such nice work.   

In the mean time, I started some clothing for a hand
painted primitive rag doll by Martha Bishop that I have
yet to name.  Just a peek for now. 
Such cute curls.
I've finished a red flannel petticoat &
some muslin drawers.
I edged them with some vintage cluny ivory 
wool lace.
It's very prim looking.
I did button loops with heavy thread for the
 antique men's china underware buttons.
 This muslin had an open weave, much like gauze &
it raveled easily so I used french seams.
Something completely unexpected........
a white petticoat of eyelet fabric with a wide eyelet
ruffle.  Even a primitive dolly wants a fancy petticoat.
Don't you feel special when you have your good
underware on?  
I attached the tightly gathered ruffle before I
finished the side seams with a zillion pins.....
To finish the seam, I trimmed the ruffled fabric to
 about 1/4 inch.
Folded the other fabric down twice & pinned.
Stitched it with a small whip stitch.
It makes a nice finished seam.
A pretty button & a visit to the ironing board will
finish the undergarments. While I ponder the dress
for this dolly, I'll work on the bedding.
Happy Sewing!
Martha Bishop Dolls 


  1. I love that red flannel muslin...the lace is perfect for it!

  2. Beautiful ~ doll, clothes, and bed. I'm so anxious to see what you make for the bed! The farmer made a doll bed for me a few years ago and it's usually occupied. :)

  3. Love the going-ons around the Little Cabin! Aletha's bed looks wonderful with its new makeover. Martha's prim rag doll is one of my favorites. Lucky you! And lucky dolly to have that gorgeous red flannel petticoat.

  4. Still trying to fix my blog list. Great post. love the doll clothes and the pretty bed

  5. I hope to see your nice doll with her beautiful clothes soon, i really love your primitive work so much. Do you want i add your name blog at my list blog? Hugs cathy


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