Friday, June 20, 2014

1880's Silk Peplum Jacket-Flat Lining

On my recent girls weekend, Teresa kindly
allowed me to take photos of her antique 1880's
silk peplum jacket.  It's in pristine condition.
I thought you'd enjoy a peek inside.  It's very
tiny; probably comparable to a size 0 today.
This jacket is a mix of machine and hand 
sewing & it's flat lined.
 Flat lining was a common sewing technique of 
placing your fabric onto an under lining fabric. 
 As you sew the garment, you treat both layers as one.
This was done to give strength and body to
the garment.  A common lining fabric was a brown 
glazed cambric.  Similar to a polished cotton today.
17 tiny button holes and a lovely silk ribbon trim.

Beautiful tiny cut steel buttons.
 The sewing machine was a great invention for women,
but sewing techniques of the day still required lots of 
hand sewing.

This is an interior hook and eye closure.
Machine sewn seams, seam edges hand sewn.
Hand sewn boning, seam edges hand sewn.
A true work of art!
What does this have to do with dolls?
Stay tuned.
Thanks Teresa


  1. Wow! What a beautiful jacket! The amount of work involved overwhelms me. Now does this mean we will be seeing something similar on one of your dolls? If anyone can do it ~ you can!

  2. Makes today's "disposable fashion" kinda silly by comparison, doesn't it? :~) Beautiful photos--thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful jacket. It is such a pretty color and the flaired botton is nice. It is true, if anybody can make one like this it would be you. Most of us never get to see up close the way an antique piece of clothes is made, so I appreciate your sharing this with us. Hope to see how it relates to the dolls.

  4. The garment is truly a work of art! How beautiful and imagine all the love that went into making this jacket. Now if I could just see a photo of the lady wearing the jacket. Antique clothing is such a treat. I'm sure they were thrilled with sewing machines, busy ladies back then.

  5. Yes, truly a work of art. I have never been able to study an old garment like this, so this was a real treat. Jan is so right about today's disposable fashions - no comparison.


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