Monday, May 12, 2014

Turtle Time Again

Cappy, our turtle huntin' dog, has found several
 turtles so far this spring.  She literally comes to me
and wants me to follow her, when she's spotted one.  
She even has an odd turtle bark.  I nearly stepped on
this one before I saw it. 
We have lots of turtles here in Missouri & I 
didn't research this one, but it's probably one of 
the several semi aquatic turtles common around
 here.  I've never seen one this small.  
The little white speck on his nose is called a turtle
tooth.  The baby uses it to break out of its shell.
Eventually, it falls off.
After the photos, I put it back in the same spot.
As always, Cappy left it alone.  She's a funny little dog!
Last June I did a post on a turtle laying eggs in the 
front yard.  Sadly, when the incubation period was 
almost up, I found the nest destroyed and empty 
eggs shells strewn about.  Some critter had enjoyed
a fine Ozark baby turtle dinner!


  1. Oh, he (she?) is so cute! I called them turtle "festivals" when we lived in Missouri...certain time of year they came out and were EVERYWHERE, usually crossing the road and making me anxious for them.

  2. Crappy is a good doggie. She just wants you to see what she has found. Good thing that she goes on and doesn't bother the little critters. These little turtles are adorable, aren't they!

  3. Such a cute little thing! I always love finding baby toads around the house. I guess all babies are cute regardless of what they are. Turtles wouldn't be safe around my yard; too many curious dogs which wouldn't leave them be.

  4. the little turtles are cute. We have water here and when I see a big turtle crossing the road, I worry for them too. People are cruel and won't slow down or be careful not to hit them. I think they are good at multiplying and there is a lot of space for them to grow, but I just want them to be protected.


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