Saturday, May 24, 2014

Girls Weekend At Hard Cracker Farm

We had a wonderful girl's weekend with Teresa
and David at Hard Cracker Farm.

Perfectly picturesque.

Flower gardens everywhere.

 Teresa's little greenhouse, clothes line & garden space.

Out by the fish pond, a small guest cabin
is under construction.

David and Takoma adding a primitive touch.

Around back are the outdoor facilities.
Soon to have a rain barrel shower!

Can't wait till we camp out here and go fishin'.

There are lots of animals at Hard Cracker Farm.

Cheyenne & her colt Miss Priss.

General Shelby the Great Pyrenees.

 Miss Kitty & her numerous kittens.
Something to delight the eye everywhere you look.

You can grab a cold one on the back porch,
 price displayed was 40 cents.
I want one of these........the top slot had bottled beer!

 David and Teresa are avid Civil War reenactors, and
their home reflects their love and knowledge of our
early American history.  Their home is full of the most
wonderful things.  Eye candy everywhere you look.  I
always learn such interesting things when I visit.
Mindful of their privacy, only the tiniest peek.

This is a whale oil lamp.  Did you know they
didn't have lampshades?

 The hubby and I have been sailing for about 15
years so this stunning scrimshaw is a folk art
favorite of mine.

A peek at Teresa's collection of early American coverlets.
I recently purchased an overshot coverlet for an antique doll bed
I'm making bedding for, so I was anxious to learn more about them. 

You never know what you'll run across.

Hillbilly Haven, reminds me of home.

A popular Victorian craft, making flowers from human hair.

Teresa's ancestral family photo.  No doubt the sewing
machine was a cherished item and used for extra income.

A very handsome family member.

Perfect poker faces, I wonder who had the winning hand?

Teresa was incubating some of her chicken eggs.
We felt like proud mama's.
Saturday we attended an auction, hit a couple flea markets
and took a drive to visit the picturesque St. Jude chapel.  We had
a great fresh catfish dinner at the local catfish farm.
Sunday we drove to Fort Leonard Wood Army Base 
to tackle some cliff  hiking and spelunking at Miller Cave
& Sadies Cave, located above the Big Piney River.
We came across a small Air Force unit stationed
at the fort for some specialized training. They were enjoying
the hiking and caves too.  Lucky for us, as they graciously
made us part of the group & helped us "old gals"
 over some rough spots! 
These young airmen certainly made us
feel great pride in our country!
The girls loved the chalk ware bunnies.  Teresa had a book
on antique chocolate molds & my bunny mold was in it.
It's from the late 1800's.  Cinders made us lovely quilted 
table runners.
  Teresa found a Brown Bag cookie stamp at a flea
 market for me.  The cookie stamps came later than the
 flat molds. They were much prettier, but more expensive. 
I think I see a new collection in my future............
 I love the little dogwoods.

Being with your girlfriends is a cherished time.
Can't wait till I see them again.
Happy Birthday dapper David!