Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Miss Lucy's Chemise

Miss Lucy has a simple chemise out
 of a fine soft linen.
Spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods.
I am putting the needle and thread down for a spell
to work on a little Easter project.  I have an
antique chocolate bunny mold.

I don't need the calories so I thought I'd make
some chalkware bunnies.  Stay tuned.


  1. Very pretty chemise. Can't wait to see the chalkware bunnies.

  2. Beautiful workmanship Sherri, it would be a shame to cover up with a dress, ♥

  3. Lucy's chemise is very nice. So pretty and white. When you put the clothes on them it does make a huge difference, like a flower blooming out. the chocolate bunny is great. Some chalk ware bunny's will be super nice. People love these.

  4. Miss Lucy is looking mighty pleased. She knows her beautiful new dress is next. Your work is always so fine, every stitch perfectly placed. I really like the fine soft linen; would love to know your source for the linen?! :-) It feels almost summer-like here today, so the bunnies will be hopping. I am looking forward to seeing your latest creations. Will there be not one made of chocolate?

  5. Lucy is lucky to live with such a seamstress, y'know. And it doesn't matter if it all gets covered up with a dress, because every lady knows quality unders are a pleasure all the same.


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