Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Raphael Tuck's Toy Rockers

These Tuck "Toy Rockers" attributed to artist A. L. Bowley
 (unsigned) were sold in Britain as a set of 6.  This artist
 was featured in my Christmas post.  I love his work.
Certainly some of these postcards traveled the big pond
 and made their way into American mail boxes.
They're just adorable.......a perfect accessory for dollies.

Happy cutting!

 FYI, the images on TuckDB Ephemera and 
TuckDB are of items/postcards that are over 100
years old and are now in the public domain.
Raphael Tuck Data Base


  1. Beautiful cards. I love all of these. this sort of reminds me of going to my Niece's son's birthday party the other day. They had it at the carousel ( merry go round ) It is in Meridian and it is an antique, but the city rents it out for parties. All the animals and the old paintings on it are just beautiful. I enjoyed seeing it again. I enjoyed looking at these pretty cards too.

  2. I want to store all these images for doll clothes references! My SCA research taught me that illustrations aren't always the most reliable reference for clothing of a period, since they only showed the best and sometimes picked whatever color they liked or had the most of...but these are so sweet!


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