Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quilt from Cinders

I received a beautiful quilt in the mail from my girl friend 
Cindy.  When we had the last girl's get together, Teresa
gave her some quilt blocks & quilt tops she purchased 
at a farm auction.  There were several hand quilted 
blocks in the Tree of Life or Pine Tree pattern.  Cindy set
 the pieces with green borders and blocks in a wonderful
 brown fabric that looks vintage.
The back is the same brown fabric and it's bound
in the green fabric.
She hand quilted the Tree of Life blocks 
in a matching green.
The brown blocks are hand stippled in a lovely
brown.  Cindy wanted them to have texture that
simulates tree bark.
The quilt is so soft and looks antique.  It's 
just beautiful.  She's done a wonderful job.
I will cherish it always, thank you so much.
Cinders age 8.  What a cutie!
I have 2 new special dolls made by Martha Bishop
that I will introduce in my next post.  Can't wait
for you to meet them!


  1. Lovely little quilt to go with Martha's dolls!

  2. Your friend Cinders looks like an elf--full of life and mischief! That quilt is a treasure and a work of art.

  3. I love the Tree of Life blocks. Cinders did a wonderful job putting it all together. I especially like the hand stippling, but looks like lots of work. I always wonder about old pieces...about the hands who first held the needle, thread, and cloth. I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful Martha dolls...lucky you!

  4. Such a special quilt and It does look antique. So much work to make it. Can't wait to see your dollies all dressed up. Cindy was a cutie at that age, and probably still is.


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