Friday, January 24, 2014

Annabelle Lea & Maddy Josette- Martha Bishop Dolls

I want to introduce my 2 newest dolls
made by Martha Bishop, tiny Annabelle 
Lea & Miss Maddy Josette.  
They are right at home sittin' on my
Grandad's whittlin' chair, under the
print of Martha's prim painting.
I now have several dollies with no clothing,
so it's time to get busy.  I'm am concentrating
 on undergarments for the girls first.
I've visited the Kansas City Toy & Miniature
Museum several times.  They have a lovely
Izannah Walker doll there named Miss Mary. 
 She and her extensive wardrobe were featured in 
the March 2006 issue of Antique Doll Collector.
She is my inspiration for little Annabelle's clothing.
 Annabelle is only about 8 inches tall.
Making a low cut chemise with set in sleeves like
Miss Mary's for such a tiny doll took some 
teeny stitches and a bit of patience.
The antique glass doll buttons are 3/16 inch.
The bloomers are 3 1/2 inches long.
Because this is pleasure sewing for me,
I have treated myself to some silk thread.
Silk thread never tangles & it's so nice to
work with.  My eyes will never be the same,
 but Annabelle is very happy in her new duds.
Maddy will be next to get some undies.
She's a much larger doll and I have some
special things in mind for her.
This is the bottom ruffle from an antique nightgown.
The original garment was literally in tatters, and
 this was the only salvageable section.  I've been
saving it for something special.  It's just the right 
size for Maddy's petticoat.
It's quite thin and fragile.
Someone carefully repaired it.
 Ever mindful of the importance of historic preservation,
let me just say, I would never cut up a fine antique garment
just to use the bits and pieces in a doll.  Nor do I purchase
items "cut" from garments.  Having said that, I see nothing
wrong with using the good bits from a garment that is destined
 for the trash heap.  I am quite comfortable giving new life to
 some one's fine work when I know it's history.  Besides, it
would be wasteful.  Nuff about that....
Maddy gets a homespun flannel petticoat too.
I doubt I'll cover this wonderful hair with a bonnet.
It's so soft.  The photo does not do it justice.
Looks like I will need to learn shoe making,
such a shame to cover these cute toes.
I love her applied thumbs.
Thank you Martha for these special ladies,
I am blessed to have them.  Thanks for the 
much needed kick start back into dolls!
Here's a link to Martha's blog. 


  1. I am fortunate enough own one of Martha's lovely dolls, and she's yet to be dressed. Her construction is so lovely, I enjoy her as she is. I've stockpiled some special fabrics for her though, and she is next in line. Your sewing is spectacular! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do for these beautiful girls.

  2. Oh my what lovely little ladies you have and so lucky to have these precious Martha dolls.

  3. Oh you lucky lady! They are wonderful, and having a Martha doll myself, I know just how appealing they are in person. Enjoy! P.S. I've been sewing a lot lately, dressing Izannahs for the upcoming show...just wanted to thank you again for the little beeswax cabin. It's so handy, and every time I use it, I think of you.

  4. I always enjoy my visits to your beautiful log cabin. Today was especially fun, meeting your wonderful Martha dolls which look right at home in Grandad's whittlin' chair. (Love your staircase!) These girls are fortunate, indeed, to have Mama Sherri sewing beautiful clothes for them. I am sure they would both have liked to be wearing a flannel petticoat this morning...Brrrr, cold in the Ozarks!

  5. Love your sweet newcomers,and the little clothes you made are lovely....blessings

  6. Fabulous job on the sewing Sherri. the white work is spectacular. these dolls have a good view of the activities going on in the house. The house itself is amazing. I enjoyed making the dollies for you. they will have the best clothes in the world, and the best doting mommy too. I forgot to tell you, I didn't make the socks on my dolls. they are vintage from somewhere a long the way, but nice.

  7. Wow what beautiful dolls. Martha's dolls are gorgeous and the size difference is amazing.
    Your tiny garments are sewn with such loving detail and grace. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos.

  8. What a sweet friend you have in Martha! And I admire your talent for making such lovely clothes for the dolls.

  9. So sweet! I think it is wonderful that you can re use something and make it so pretty!


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