Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wisteria Gone Wild - Hillbilly Flea Market - Bluff Walk

I planted this wisteria 7 years ago.  After 5
years and practically no growth, I chopped
it to the ground.  "Do or die" is my gardening
motto!  This past spring it actually
had a few blooms.

This summer it has taken off with a vengeance. 
 It's already in need of a trimming & I have a feeling
 it will become a nuisance.

 Looks like the ivy needs a manicure as well. 
This is the back porch that our daughter refers
 to as "the hillbilly flea market".

The kids home made bug zoo.

I guess it is rather hillbilly.
A one holer.
 The old timers say to hang a horseshoe
over your doors for good luck.  Hang them
 this way so the luck doesn't fall out.

The front porch isn't much better.

It's a good idea to take along a walking 
stick when you go into the woods.
We do have snakes and prickly
green briars. 
  I keep my few gardening tools and
 outdoor decorations in the wagon.

We've had lots of rain the last couple of weeks
and there has been flooding in parts of southern
Missouri.  I took a walk along the bluff below the
house to get a close view of the Swan Creek.
 Moss is growing everywhere.
 A large tree sits atop this outcropping.

 Lots of places for critters to make a home.
Ferns literally grow out of the rocks.
All the rain creates mini waterfalls.
The creek sounds like a roaring river.
 From our deck we've seen some adventurous
 souls in canoes and kayaks floating by.
A bit too swift for me.
 I have some machine sewing projects that
need to be done, so hopefully I can get 
started soon.  The arm is getting better, slowly.


  1. I enjoyed looking at the house and the old things you have up on the walls. Very peaceful and down homey. I love old tools. It must be nice to see the water from your porch, we live on a lake, but we can't see the water. Glad your arm is better, hope it will heal soon so you can get back to doll making.

  2. Your porches are lovely. And hillbilly is a state of mind, dear. ;) The deep green place you live seems like another planet from where we live. Glad to hear you are on the mend!

  3. Ahhh, the beautiful Ozarks... These pictures could well have been taken very near here. We have been getting rain, for which we are thankful, but fortunately not flooding rains. Hope the horseshoe holds all the good luck you need to get mended up and back to the sewing machine! Always enjoy your posts!

  4. Beautiful surroundings! Holes for critters' homes always sets my imagination in a whirl ~ what wonderful stories could be told.


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