Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aletha Mae-Reproduction Izannah Doll By Martha Bishop

I want to introduce my new Izannah
Walker reproduction dolly Aletha Mae (Letha)
made especially for me by Martha Bishop.  I am
so proud to own her.  She is the perfect big sister to
 Orilla Lucinda (Lucy) my dolly made by Jan Conwell.
Martha Bishop Dolls
Jan Conwell Dolls 
They look so sweet together and have become
fast friends.  I often hear whispers and giggles
coming from their room.
I adore her little side curls and dainty
hands and feet.
I have never considered myself to be a doll
collector,  just a doll maker.  I now have 3 special dollies,
so I think that makes me a collector.  The doll on the left is a 
very early 1900's (possibly late 1800's) china doll I have 
had for some time.  I hate to admit it, but she doesn't
even have a name.  I need to come up with something that
goes with Lucy and Letha, I am open to suggestions!
The china doll does have her original undies,  
but like the cobbler's children that have no shoes
........my girls have no clothing!
Thanks so much Martha!


  1. Sherri, the dolls look so pretty sitting together on the bed. I enjoyed getting to see Aletha again, and Lucy and the China doll. I do like the China dolls too. I was very happy to make Aletha for you. You have been so generous and sweet and I now have two of your fabulous cloth dolls. When you are ready, I know the girls will get beautiful dresses and bonnets. I also have Mrs. Bufkins who brightens our day in her sweet hat and dress. thank you again. martha

  2. These beauties do compliment each other so well! Lucky you to have them grace your home!

  3. Oh how cute they look together!!! Now I have to go get a photo of my Martha doll holding my Sherri doll. :~)

  4. Lucky Letha - getting to stay home with Momma! She's a keeper for sure. Your pictures are wonderful - really like the aging around the edges.

  5. Adorable little group of dolls you have Sherri. I like the name Loretta or Lottie.

  6. Martha's doll is very lovely and goes so well with Jan's doll. I think you are becoming an official collector now!


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