Friday, July 12, 2013

Rufus The Bear

This past week I was busy working
 on a little bear I've dubbed Rufus.
  He's just a smidgen over 7 inches 
tall when seated.  
He's hand sewn from a very soft
 faux fur.  His eyes are antique 
amber glass and his vintage ribbon
is a deep wine.
This pattern was designed by
Anna Tysmbal, a Russian bear
designer. I love his simple,
traditional old world look.
Rufus is 5 way jointed.  His
head droops a bit to one side.
Rufus has been aged to show 
love and care.  He's weighted
with steel shot, but his tummy
stuffing is a bit sparse as he's
been hugged a lot!
I have added Rufus to my 
"For Sale" page.
Now, I'm off to work on another
elephant.....I love elephants!
Happy sewing!!


  1. Oh he's beautiful, Sherri. He really DOES have an old world look about him.

  2. Rufus is wonderful with that little twinkle in his eye and head cocked to one side!

  3. Your Teddy Bears are wonderful Sherri. This particular teddy bear reminds of my son's bear when he was a toddler. He loved the bear so much that the head came off! I stitched the head back on the bear and he had several more years to cuddle him. I wish I still had that bear.

  4. He is beautiful. He does have an old look too. He has such pretty eyes. You are super at the little animals. I like his size too. Yours looks soft and natural. He is a sweet little baby.

  5. Rufus is just the old world look, the vintage ribbon in deep wine, the way his head droops a bit, and the name!

  6. i love this old bear so much . hugs cathy


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