Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buzzards, Bugs & Other Ozark Creepy Critters

I took these pictures a couple of weeks
ago.  Thought you might enjoy them.
Cappy has a specific bark when she
comes across a turtle.  When I hear it,
I grab the camera and head outdoors.
We  have 14 kinds of turtles in Missouri.
I am not able to positively identify this one.

It was about 8 inches long with a
rather drab beat up shell.

Underneath he was very colorful.
I thought I'd just walk around the yard and 
take a few pictures.  I checked on the bats.
This year they have decided to sleep together.
How many do you see?
This is a home for the Doodlebug.  We have lots of
these around.  The Doodlebug builds an inverted cone
shaped home.  He waits for an unsuspecting ant to fall
inside, then he jumps out the bottom and grabs them.
The kids used to dig some dirt, put it in a bowl and
add a Doodlebug.  They'd watch him build a home
and then they'd catch ants and feed him.
That's an Ozark make do pet!
Click below to see a 30 second video of a doodlebug.

This looks like a swallows nest, but I didn't
see any activity.
We have a large dead oak tree that is a 
favorite sitting spot for the buzzards.
Technically they are vultures. The United
States has 3 native vultures.  The turkey vulture
 and the rarer black vulture (below) live in Missouri.
 Their wingspans are about 5 feet.
They sit silent like stone gargoyles.
They have no voice box, but they can hiss.
We often see 3 in the tree.
We call them the Buzzard Brothers 
Ozark Clean Up Crew.
I came across a praying mantis, (Thank you Jan!)
 a lizard,
a spider egg sack,

a mud dauber (wasp) nest,

a very busy wasp nest,

and a dobson fly.  This is a female about 4 inches
long, males can be bigger and have longer pinchers.
 They are rarely seen, as they live for only a day,
 just long enough to mate. They are also only
seen near water.  
 If you think this is creepy,
in the larvae stage they are even creepier.
They are called hellgrammites, even the
name sounds scary!
They live in the creeks for up to 3 years in
the larvae stage.  I used to catch these for
my Dad to use as fish bait.  Yes, they
can inflict a very painful non poisonous bite.
I love the browns of this large moth.

 This is a grand daddy long legs, they
 are completely harmless.
We disturbed an armadillo, but Cappy chased it off
before I could take a photo.
We may not have the prettiest most colorful
 critters around here,
but they sure are interesting.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life Is One Darned Thing After Another!

 After a trip to the orthopedic doctor last week, I'm in an
aircast and unable to use my right arm for at least
a couple of weeks, followed up with therapeutic
 exercises.  What I thought was advancing arthritis
is actually lateral epicondylitis.  That's just doctor
 babble for "it hurts like the devil to move my
 hand & elbow."  Not serious, but it can take a long
time to heal if I don't follow the Doc's orders.
 I am thrilled it's not arthritis! 

 These lovely postcards were
illustrated by French artist Beatrice
Mallet and published in the 1930's.
Beatrice Mallet
Just some cute Tuck postcards
because I am bored.

Stay tuned, I have one little bear finished
and a post about the Rose O'Neill Museum
to finish.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Polka Dots & Pachyderms

Polka dots and pachyderms just seem to go

 This little pachyderm just had to have
a dress & matching bow hand sewn from
 a reproduction 1930's cotton polka dot print.

Her fur is a lovely butter color viscose.
She's 8 1/2 inches tall, 5 way jointed & has
black glass eyes. She's been aged to perfection. 
The vintage buttons on the back
reminded me of big dots, the one's
in front match her dress.

Her favorite game is Tiddlywinks.
Her favorite song is "Polka Dots & Moonbeams"
  and she loves to dance the Polka.
Of course, her name is..................
Just for fun.
Learn about the history of the polka dot in fashion at:
Lady Jojos Blogspot Polka-Dot-Fever 1865-to-1950's

I've added Dottie to my "For Sale" page.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Harley Davidson Cookie Molds

 Here in the Ozarks we have lots
of hilly winding roads with beautiful
scenery that are enjoyed by a multitude
of motorcycle enthusiasts. So, I've been
inspired to make some cotton linter 
castings of my set of Harley Davidson
cookie molds.     

These molds were made in 1992
for the Harley Davidson Company
and sold through dealerships.
I am unsure which company made
them. They are very similar to the
Brown Molds but are slightly
different in color. In our younger
days my Hubby and I logged many
miles on his numerous motorcycles,
including a Harley Davidson or two!
 These molds are highly detailed
and make beautiful cookies & castings.
They look great hanging on the
Christmas tree or displayed
in a shadow box.
 Visit my Brown Bag Molds page to see
other molds & link to the Brown Bag
 Website for recipes and craft ideas.
Little Cabin Creations Brown Bag Molds 

"Ride SAFE"  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Rufus The Bear

This past week I was busy working
 on a little bear I've dubbed Rufus.
  He's just a smidgen over 7 inches 
tall when seated.  
He's hand sewn from a very soft
 faux fur.  His eyes are antique 
amber glass and his vintage ribbon
is a deep wine.
This pattern was designed by
Anna Tysmbal, a Russian bear
designer. I love his simple,
traditional old world look.
Rufus is 5 way jointed.  His
head droops a bit to one side.
Rufus has been aged to show 
love and care.  He's weighted
with steel shot, but his tummy
stuffing is a bit sparse as he's
been hugged a lot!
I have added Rufus to my 
"For Sale" page.
Now, I'm off to work on another
elephant.....I love elephants!
Happy sewing!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


 These Tuck postcards were printed and sold in 
Great Britain in 1905.