Friday, June 7, 2013

Maisey Bufkins- Mohair Rabbit

Maisey Bufkins mohair fur and suede 
paws have gone from a pale pistachio 
to a pale woodland moss.

She has wobbly joints, a tilting head 
& droopy ears.
A silk rose ribbon.

 Antique glass eyes, a few repairs

& bare spots give her a well loved look.

Close to her heart she wears
a Bufkins family heirloom portrait
pendant, that hangs from a vintage
millners ribbon
Maisey Bufkins is hand sewn, weighted
 & stuffed with wool roving.  She's 14 
inches tall from the tip of her ears to the 
bottom of her feet, but 7 and 1/2 tall when 
seated.  She is available on my 
"For Sale" page.
Quite a transformation.
No bonnet or clothing, what's 
up with that??

I have been asked to do a tutorial
 on hand sewn button holes and 
movable  joints.
I will work on that.........
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Hey Sherri, great minds think alike! I just posted a rabbit the same time you did. I love your Maisey Bufkins rabbit, adorable.

  2. I just now saw your post on Maisey Bufkins. So sweet and fine. I love her. the ribbon and pendant is a wonderful touch. A fine rabbit should have one of these. As usual, you have made another fabulous rabbit. Her eyes are beautiful too. perfect eyes.

  3. You have an amazing talent for hand sewing. Your Maisey Bufkins is adorable with her "well loved" look.

  4. I am really liking your adventure into animals. Maisey Bufkins is quite wonderful even without her big silk rose ribbon!

  5. Maisey is my favorite. You are so talented!


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