Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Elsie Elephant

I had a small amount of pistachio mohair
left that was too small for a regular sized
animal.  The fur was too long for a tiny
animal, so...........I shaved it with the
electric clippers.
The result is little Elsie the 5 inch elephant.

She is hand sewn, stuffed with wool roving
and fully jointed.  Her eyes are antique glass,
 her bow is a rose colored silk & her inner ear
is a reproduction calico cotton.
This little pattern was designed by Russian
artist Olga Orel.

Miss Elsie is aged to perfection!
Her teeny weeny tail.
 I am having lots of fun with my foray into
animal land!
She is available on my "For Sale"page.


  1. He's too cute! Very creative idea to shave the mohair. The calico ears and big glass eyes add such charm and give him an adorable appeal.

    Isn't fun to branch out. Your animals are wonderful Sherri.

  2. so cute. the tiny elephant is a sweetheart. Just 5 inches tall.

  3. What a special little the look of the shaved mohair, and the fabric lined ears, and her antique glass eyes, and, of course, her wonderful red silk bow which I think is becoming your signature.

  4. For some reason, as I looked at her, I got this wee voice in my head from Horton the Elephant..."A person's a person, no matter how small!" :~P

  5. wow i realy love this little elephant simply adorable big hugs


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