Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Is In Full Swing

Spring has definitely arrived in the Ozarks.  April
brought plenty of showers but, today was full of sunshine.
 It was a good day for being outside.  From the upper
deck I got a good view of the trees.

They are leafing out nicely.

I can barely see the creek now.

From the middle deck, the wisteria is also getting leaves.
Below deck, the blossoms are sparse but so fragrant.  
It can take several years for a wisteria bloom, so I am 
very pleased to see some this year.
The bees love them!
Cappy is checking out the tall grass and bumper crop of dandelions.
Every thing is so green and lush.  It's already time to
mow and weed.
I put some water in the teeny bird bath, a favorite
drinking spot for the bee's.
Around the cabin, the ivy is coming to life.

Ground covers are blooming.

More bee's.
Lots more ivy.
See the Pi sign in the chimney?
We have a very tiny yard.
 A short walk to a small outcropping on the bluff is a favorite of mine.
Along the way I see a new hard maple tree,

and plenty of wild flowers.
My favorite spot.
The dogwoods are in full bloom.
The sound of the creek is so soothing.
Obviously, we don't have a manicured landscaped yard.
I don't have a green thumb, so I stick with plants that require little
care.  Around here, once I put it in the ground it's on it's own.
 Good thing we are surrounded by nature's beauty.
 Texas, sure wish I could send you some of our rain!


  1. I enjoyed the pictures of your house and all the plants and trees. Everything is so pretty there. It is very green here too, but different. It doesn't have that mountain feel your house does. You do live in a beautiful place. It was nice to see it.

  2. You don't NEED a green thumb living there--oh my goodness! Beautiful, Sherri.

  3. thank you for your beautiful photos. I see that you, too, there was a lot of rain. in the south of France, we had our fill.
    your garden is beautiful.
    Hello from France

  4. Quite the hide-away, Sherri. And, oh, so the creek!

  5. Send that rain if you can! LOL. I would keep the yard unmanicured and natural. It is beautiful the way it is! You have such a beautiful place to live!

  6. ThankS for your comment,nice to become your follower!!!!


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