Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mohair Rabbit In Progress

Spring cleaning 2 homes has kept me very busy
in the daytime and pooped at night.  I have 
managed to put together another bunny out of
a soft green mohair.  (Yes, another green rabbit!)
 There is still plenty to do before she is done.  Eyes, tail, 
clothing and some trimming are left.  She may
get a hair bow or perhaps a bonnet.
 Her paw's are a soft pale green ultra suede,
her inner ears are trimmed mohair.
She is hand sewn and fully jointed.
This weekend I am hosting a ladies weekend
for my gal friends.  I am planning a visit to the Rose 
O'Neill Bonniebrook Gallery, Museum & Homestead.
Perhaps some antiquing and girl talk.
Sewing will be on hold! 


  1. She is so cute! A bow and bonnet both sound great for her. Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. Maybe it's my monitor...but she looks like a soft buttery beige to me. Love the shape and love seeing your progress!

  3. another fine rabbit. You will have to go along way to make a prettier or better dressed rabbit than the last one, but if anybody can do it, You can. Can't wait to see this little rabbit all dressed up.

  4. Loving the new little rabbit, color and all! And, I am almost jealous of a weekend with the girls...have fun!

  5. Could you do one of your wonderful tutorials on the jointed arms and legs? I have a dear little baby doll waiting for jointed limbs, but feel a little unsure of the process.


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