Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Blue House

I purchased this dollhouse kit at a 
garage sale in 1986. My Hubby built the
sturdy base & I put it together that summer.
I am not a many pieces!!!
Our daughter Leann (six years old) chose the
 color schemeLeann & my nieces, Emily & Logan 
spent endless hours of quiet play enjoying this 
dollhouse.  I thought you might like a tour.
 It's not lighted, fancy or filled with
antique items. Over the years, shingles, trim
& furniture have been repaired & a couple of rooms
have been re papered and re carpeted.  The girls
played with it A LOT!     
  When the girls were small it was filled 
with Fisher Price furniture & other odd
 bits & pieces.  As they grew older, many
 of those items were replaced. 
 All the windows were removed because 
the girls wanted to stick their hands 
through the openings, after all it was
made to be played with, so out they came.
Hours and hours of work literally
"out the window".

Country Kitchen 
The girls loved Scooby Doo & the dollhouse was
often a home for their "My Little Ponies"
and "Polly Pockets".
Looks like I need to do some spring 
cleaning here as well............
 The tea set & silverware were purchased 
 at Harrod's on a trip to London. They had the
most unbelievable doll house department.
I could only afford a few tiny items!
Someone needs to do the dishes,
same story....different day.
 Only one teeny tiny rabbit
cookie cutter survived.  I believe
the others were sucked up in the
vacuum cleaner, a fate shared by many
of the smaller items. 
The doll people look a bit frazzled, but
they were simply loved a lot.  
All the curtains are held with
Velcro, they came off and on too.
A vegetable tray, chocolate sundae
& a Hershey bar....that's
a mixed message!
 The Christmas tree was a year
round decoration.   


Sometimes Leann's brother would
put raisins in the toilet....
ornery boy!! 

 Before the days of cell phones.
 I tried to instill sewing skills early. 

 I love this Noah's Ark wallpaper.
Bed hair.

 The girls Nana crocheted
the coverlet.
The dollhouse is never played with
anymore, the girls are grown.
 Perhaps my Great Niece,
Ava Kathryn will enjoy playing
in The Blue House.  All the
Fisher Price furniture and other 
goodies are patiently
waiting for her to grow.....
I've often thought of making this a 
fancy dollhouse with all the bells
and whistles, but then it wouldn't be
a little girls dollhouse anymore.
So, I've left it as is.

July 1986  Leann & Alex

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mohair Rabbit In Progress

Spring cleaning 2 homes has kept me very busy
in the daytime and pooped at night.  I have 
managed to put together another bunny out of
a soft green mohair.  (Yes, another green rabbit!)
 There is still plenty to do before she is done.  Eyes, tail, 
clothing and some trimming are left.  She may
get a hair bow or perhaps a bonnet.
 Her paw's are a soft pale green ultra suede,
her inner ears are trimmed mohair.
She is hand sewn and fully jointed.
This weekend I am hosting a ladies weekend
for my gal friends.  I am planning a visit to the Rose 
O'Neill Bonniebrook Gallery, Museum & Homestead.
Perhaps some antiquing and girl talk.
Sewing will be on hold! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday To The American Red Cross

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross on
May 21st, 1881 in Washington D. C.  Clara
traveled to Europe after the Civil War and was
inspired by the Swiss Red Cross founded in 1866.
The British Red Cross was founded in 1870.  The
following postcards were published in in England in 1917.
 A big hat's off to nurses everywhere!!
Happy B Day to the American Red Cross.