Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mrs. Bufkins-A Wool Jointed Rabbit

It's definitely spring!  When I open the front
door, the bunnies scatter so fast they nearly
 blend in with the newly greening grass.
So, I decided to work on a pattern.  Four bunnies
 later, I am almost satisfied with it.  She has antique shoe
button eyes and is made from wool.  The paw pads & inner ears
 are a soft pale sage ultra suede.  Now, Mrs. Bufkins is in need 
of some clothing and perhaps a spring bonnet.
A green rabbit?
  I am certainly in a spring mood!


  1. Mrs. Bufkins is wonderful! And one can never have too many green rabbits. Never.

  2. she is a sweet rabbit. The sitting bear pattern is made basically the same way. She has those big ears that you see on the jack rabbits down here. I love rabbits. I know you will make her a fabulous outfit.

  3. Adorable! I like her! A lot! I am sure she will be dressed in high fashion, Ozarks style.

  4. She's too cute! Love the paw pads and inner ears. Sage green? on my computer it looks like warm and natural batting. Very nice...I love wool.


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