Monday, April 29, 2013

Cora Bea Butternut

Some months ago I submitted Cora Bea Butternut,
to the bride challenge at Art Doll Quarterly magazine.
I gave her explicit instructions to stand tall and shine!
She must have done so, as she has been chosen
to represent the Ozark pioneer bride.
 Many of the early Ozark mountain pioneers
were of Scotch Irish decent, hence the red
headed bride.  Cora would most likely have been 
married in a little log church, or perhaps at home,
by a traveling preacher.
She would wear her best day dress.  If it could be 
afforded, a new dress from store bought cotton calico 
would have been hand sewn for her.  Her wedding dress 
would be worn for many years to come, on other
 special occasions.
 She would make new undergarments of 
fine muslin for her wedding trousseau.
 Perhaps she would purchase a new straw poke 
bonnet that she would line with muslin and adorn
 with a silk ribbon, truly and extravagance for an
 Ozark pioneer bride.
 Cora's family would most certainly have recorded
 her marriage in the Butternut family bible, along side 
the other important family events.
Be sure to pick up a copy of the May issue.  Lots
of interesting dollies!


  1. Hearty congratulations on your beautiful doll being published. You go girl!

  2. Congratulations to you and Cora Bea!

  3. Cora is wonderful, Sherri! How exciting that she was published in Art Doll Quarterly! My grandmother and her mother before her were both Ozark brides so I read about Cora with great interest (I even had a great aunt named Cora!)Congratulations to you :)

  4. Congratulations, Sherri! Cora Bea represents an Ozark bride well...wonderful doll!

  5. Your Ozark bride is a delight. I think she represents more truthfully the real bride of the day, than what we think of now. Her clothes and meek countenance are very sweet. I love her bonnet with it's big silk ribbon. the magazine chose well.

  6. Oh my Goodness! She's fabulous. What a marvelous doll. Congratulations Sherri. This Ozark Bride sure is standing tall and everything about her is well done. I can't wait to get my copy.


  7. How exciting, congratulations Sherri. Cora Bea is stunning as are all of your creations. I am sure this will open many doors for you, hugs to you girlfriend!


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