Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Fashioned Sugar Panoramic Eggs

I recently got a surprise... 18 years ago I 
made an old fashioned panoramic sugar egg
for my daughter's best friend Leslie.  She has 
kept it in the china cabinet all these years and
kindly posted photos on my facebook page.
It was made with gum paste flowers,
 leaves and lots of ribbons.
Inside is a little Easter figurine.
How sweet that they've kept it
all this time.
This egg is at least 20 years old.  It's quite large, 
about nine inches wide.  Made with gum paste flowers,
 and lots of ribbons.....I was sure into ribbons!  It 
graced the dining room table for many years at
 Easter time and has slightly faded from sun 
exposure.  Securely packed in an airtight  container 
they store remarkably well.
 It has a figurine of a rabbit family at dinner time.
Mom, Dad, son and daughter,  just like us.
 This little egg was my very first attempt.
We won't talk about how old it is!!

 Haven't made these in many years, perhaps
I'll work on a tutorial.  I'm certainly
in a springtime mood!


  1. Amazing eggs. So pretty. It's wonderful that you have them now. all of them are beautiful.

  2. I remember them...wonderful that they are still beautiful!!! Treasures :)


  3. How sweet those are, Sherri! I know what you mean about the spring time mood...I wore a hot pink sweatshirt and grass green Converse tennies to the grocery store today. I looked like an Easter Egg!

  4. It is amazing that these are still so beautiful. I was in a spring time mood until this last cold spell hit. Now I just want to stay by the fire.

  5. They're beautiful, Sherri! My mom still has one that I gave her 39 years ago for Easter that year. I have always wanted to make one of my own.


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