Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flannel Petticoat & Red Dress

Retirement seems to have transformed
me into an utterly disorganized person.
I have several projects going at the same
time and can't seem to finish any of them!
 I have several dolly quilts ready to hand quilt,
dollies to bake, (seriously...but that's a future
post) clothing to hem and a cat house to paint,
just to name a few.
I have managed to stitch
a red dress and flannel petticoat for a
 little black doll I am working on.
 I love this fabric.
Flannel petticoats were commonly worn 
by little girls and their dollies.
The cat house needs shingles and
 a coat of paint.
 It's been taken over by a critter.....
 Happy Sewing!


  1. Can you imagine how warm and comfy a flannel petticoat would be? Good luck taming the Projects...I have sworn many times I would finish one thing before beginning another. For years I have sworn this. Ain't happenin'.

  2. The dress and petticoat are so pretty. Love the patticoat's many colors. The cat house is pretty too. I am sure your husband made it.That little possum has found a good place.

  3. Love the little red dress and the petticoat! You do beautiful stitching!
    Yuck indeed but the possum knows a great house when he finds one!

  4. The red dress is going to be perfect on your little black doll. I wouldn't mind having a flannel petticoat myself.
    A possum, I wondered what that critter is. I hope eviction will be successful!

  5. A blue flannel petticoat and a beautiful red dress...such a great combo. Lucky doll who gets to wear this outfit. Now, I can relate to retirement and disorganization; been there and done that! But, you will pull out of it and love it, I am sure!

  6. Thanks ladies...........Then there is hope for me Mary!

  7. I love the dolly clothes! I suppose the critter could have been worse, as in skunk!

  8. I love that red dress! As for the varmint, I can see why he'd want to take up residence in the little house. It looks so cute.

  9. omg you have fresh eggs, fresh everything! I love your dolls! INCREDIBLE!


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