Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Father Christmas and Eula Mae - A Sawdust Dolly

 Father Christmas is finally finished.
He's just about 18 inches tall, all cloth, stuffed
with wool and hand sewn.  His cloak is wool,
 lined and trimmed with fox fur. 
His staff is made from Missouri walnut and 
decorated with fur and hammered gray bells.
His Nantucket style back pack has
switches for naughty children and
a bottle brush tree.
His pack is filled with lots of toys ready
for delivery.
His 16 inch sledge is hand made from Missouri
cedar, signed and dated by Louis Allen.
Linen robe, leather gloves, braided
 and dyed cotton belt.
 I had so much fun attaching his beard
and hair.  I got a little carried away!
Dolly Parton would be envious!
I had to trim his hair before I could get
his hood over it!!
Embroidered face, Cotswold wool
beard and hair.  I love his rosy cheeks.
His North Pole timepiece and leather
pouch that's filled with stardust.
It actually works.
A pinch of stardust and time stops!
This card is attached to his backpack.
I lined his toy sack too.
 This little bear started out as
a Boyd's Bear, but I gave him
a haircut.
Lots of toys to fill his sack!
A little basket of hand made apples
for good boys and girls!

Father Christmas and his sledge of
toys will be available at Early Work
Mercantile on December 1st. 

A big thank you to Judi Hunziker of
Olde Time Dolls for her helpful tips on
 attaching the wool I used for his hair and beard,
and the use of colored pencils to give him
his rosy cheeks.  You can see her beautiful
dolls and Santa's on her blog.


Eula Mae Butternut
Eula Mae is 14 and 1/2 inches tall, all cloth,
hand sewn and stuffed with Missouri cedar
shavings.  Her dress is homespun cotton
with a gauged skirt and one antique blue
china button on the front.
She has simple cotton undergarments.
Three decorative antique china buttons
adorn the back. 
She's a petite dolly, a bit lumpy
and has striped socks.
Mildly aged to show that loved
but cared for look.
Eula Mae will also be available at Early
Work Mercantile on the 1st of December.

Be sure to stop by and see all the
December offerings!


  1. Oh I am in love with your Santa, you did such a wonderful job capturing the essence of Christmas.

  2. Your Santa is really great. So many details in such a little size. It is so much love in it, everyone can see. And sweet Eula is gorgeous too. I love her clothes, with this little buttons on the back :) Hugs from Erika

  3. Wow you have been busy! Santa is incredible. Primitive but sort of elegant at the same time. Eula Mae is just perfect, and since I have her sister here, I know just how great she smells with all that cedar!

  4. I love the way your Father Christmas turned out. His hair and beard are wonderful...well, really he is wonderful from his head to his toes. His walnut staff decorated with furs is just what he needed for his winter treks around the countryside.

  5. Great doll making. Father Christmas is sweet as can be. He is a cutie. His clothes and sleigh are precious. Eula mae is wonderful, so primitive and has such a old fashioned look doll collectors prize and search for. Amazing dolls.

  6. Sheri youv'e outdone yourself this time! He is truly amazing indeed! Every detail is wonderful. The walnut staff trimmed with fur is just the right touch. All the fine details...the nantucket back pack, the linen robe, the wool cloak, leather glvoes, the toy sack, the toys....well everything...is done so well. Nice creativity and workmanship. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.


  7. Oh my, he's a collector's item. So many details and so beautifully put together. He's a lovely Father Christmas.

  8. What a wonderful doll.............all of the little things you added just makes him more adorable!

  9. I love the Father Christmas and how he turned out! So many great details.

  10. What a great efforts…………! Father Christmas looks splendid. It is awesome. This is such a great idea to decorate home on Christmas. Lovely article. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  11. I know this is from an older post; but I so enjoyed seeing your Father Christmas and all the detail you have put into his creation. He is just wonderful.


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