Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Father Christmas and Dolly In Progress

I am working on a couple of Early
Work Mercantile December offerings.
I wish I could be a more prolific doll maker,
but hand sewing is a slow process, especially
when the weather changes and Arthur
Itis visits me!
I've finished a homespun dress
with antique blue china buttons
and plain cotton undergarments
for this petite prim sawdust dolly. 
 I think she needs a prim little apron
 or tiny waist pocket then she will
be done.

My large workspace has been temporarily
 taken over by a dismantled computer, so I have
 put away the sewing machine (it's rarely
used anyway) and moved to my smaller desk.
 My hubby made a wooden stand for
the stump doll Father Christmas that
seems to be coming along rather slowly!
The body is done, but he still needs a
 face, beard and hair. 
So far, I've sewn a simple linen robe.
The fox trim is pinned in place and
ready to be hand sewn onto his wool
hooded cloak. I've picked a lovely
fabric for the lining.

Dear PETA,
I did not personally go out and murder
 the little fox for his beautiful fur.  Someone
else did that many years ago to make a
fashionable fox collar.  However, I see no
 harm in re-using it to keep Father Christmas
warm during his midnight deliveries. 
 I have toys
 and more toys.
 A little bear.
Bells and baubles.
A leather pouch for stardust.
 A North Pole snowflake timepiece.
That actually works. 
A Nantucket backpack, but I may opt for a wool
sack. The other basket is for oranges
 apples, and switches. Maybe I will have
room for the little tree.  The hubby is making a
 staff from Missouri walnut, I can't wait to see
what he creates.  Perhaps I will make a little dolly!
So much to do and so little time...... 


  1. Oh that Santa coat -- its lovely and so evocative of Father Christmas walking through the woods on a snowy evening.

  2. Oh, this is so exciting...just what I have been waiting for. So many goodies you have, and a Missouri walnut staff! My poor Santa has so little, but I did make his little basket, that hangs on his shoulder, of twigs from an elm. Keep us posted!
    And, I do love your other little prim doll...darling dress!

  3. I am so excited to see him finished! I love the inner and outer clothing you have chosen and your embellishments are wonderful. Great job, :~)

  4. Can't wait to see your Father Christmas! And your dollie...I LOVE her proportions! And her stripey stockings. Stay warm and cozy, Sheri! I've been thinking of you a lot lately, because I've hand sewn a 29" Columbian lately, and your little wax cabin came in especially useful. :~)

  5. Such a Nice doll. She has a great body and face. Very primitive. Her dress is wonderful. So pretty and just right for her. Father Christmas should be proud of his fine coat, and he has lots of goodies to carry with him. a tiny doll would be so sweet.

  6. Hi Sherry, I love your knew dolly, and I can't wait to see your santa finished. I am looking forward to your up date in December!!!

  7. The blue homespum dress is lovely. I love the little blue china buttons and your doll looks thrilled to be wearing it! What a wonderful start on your Father Christmas. I can't wait to see him finished in his fine fox fur trimmed coat!



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