Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Day Cookies

Lucy Natkiel designed many animals for
her Brown Bag cookie molds, but
not a donkey, so my election day cookies
look a bit one sided.  I make the Elephant for
my Republican friends, and the Patriotic Bear
for my Democratic friends. 
Of course the Elephant makes a very nice
paper casting too.  I have added him to my
Brown Bag mold page. 

height-5 1/2 in
width-4 3/4 in
 Ever wondered what the story was
behind the two famous party animals?

The Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant 

The now-famous Democratic donkey was first associated with Democrat Andrew Jackson's 1828 presidential campaign. His opponents called him a jackass (a donkey), and Jackson decided to use the image of the strong-willed animal on his campaign posters. Later, cartoonist Thomas Nast used the Democratic donkey in newspaper cartoons and made the symbol famous.
Nast invented another famous symbol—the Republican elephant. In a cartoon that appeared in Harper's Weekly in 1874, Nast drew a donkey clothed in lion's skin, scaring away all the animals at the zoo. One of those animals, the elephant, was labeled “The Republican Vote.” That's all it took for the elephant to become associated with the Republican Party.
Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified.

Library of Congress - Thomas Nast’s cartoon
shows a donkey in a lion’s skin scaring an
elephant and other animals.
"Ballots are the rightful and peaceful
successors to bullets."
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States
(1809 - 1865)


  1. Great post, Sherri. I am smiling still! Now, should I have an elephant or a bear?

  2. Thanks for this bit of history -- and a peek at the cookies.

  3. Hi Sherri, Thought I would stop by and take a peek at your molds...nice! I know which one I would choose...but will keep it a secret! :)


  4. This was awesome. After being so tired of people railing at one another, it tickled me to see a "political post" that not only did not rail, but gave me a little knowledge and a smile.

    Enjoy your molds (and cookies!)

  5. Love the molds and the cookies. Enjoyed reading the post on the history of the parties.


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