Monday, October 1, 2012

Prudence Butternut--Lost & Found

Prudence is a doll I made earlier this year
and I simply wasn't satisfied with her. 
I loved her name, but she just didn't look
like an elderly gray haired persnickety Prudence! 
 So, I added a black hand crocheted shawl.

 I decided to give her hand stitched bonnet
a black silk ribbon and a spray of purple cloth
flowers with velvet leaves.
I added small antique bone buttons to the
back of her reproduction print dress. 

I thought her petticoat needed lace that matched
her pantalettes and I added a chemise too.
Persnickety Prudence looked perfectly pretty
in her purple print dress! 

I was finally satisfied.

I put her in a drawer and completely
forgot about her!!!  

I was actually looking for something else
I'd put away for safe keeping when I
found her....................

 Is 60 really that old?
Do you do things like that?

Prudence is very grateful to be out
of the drawer and not too happy with the
way I have treated her! She's ready for an
adventure.  So, I gave her a waist pocket, tucked an
Indian head penny inside for traveling expenses
and sent her on her way.  She is headed
to a new home, to live with a very special
helpful, supportive, generous, kind, friend!!

Where is she going?
Could she be coming to live with you?
Watch for the postman "M" 


  1. She is wonderful. I suspect she'll forgive you for forgetting her -- you've added so many wonderful details to her that I'll bet she's secretly very happy!

  2. Prudence is fabulous, I love her new bonnet and shawl, perfect accessories and she looks like she is dressed for a traveling adventure. Great job!

  3. She's adorable! So glad you found her! Too bad ~ my name starts with a "C"!

  4. I am glad you found her. She is lovely!

  5. I think Prudence may be my favorite of all your dolls. She has everything a dolly surely dreams of, from her head to her toes. What a generous and unselfish adventure you have sent her on...Lucky M!!

  6. I am the lucky M. Martha Bishop. Today I received a fabulous surprise in the mail from Sherri. Prudence Butternut was wrapped in fragrant tissue paper with a beautiful handmade basket. She is so petite and precious. I've always loved Sherri's dolls. My mother was there when I opened the box. She just loved her and the look on her face when she saw Prudence was something to remember. Her face just spread into a smile, while she gently looked her over. She loved her and her beautiful black shawl and handmade bonnet. Sherri's dolls are beautiful in the pictures, but to see them in person is to realize how very fine they are, and what it took to make her. Sherri says they are just simple country dolls, but I tell you, her dolls are the finest, most well made dolls I've ever seen. I will always love Prudence because she is so sweet and fine, and I will love Sherri because she is a caring, talented, generous person.

  7. Persnickety Prudence is gorgeous. And I LOVE the alliteration! :~D
    Martha, you are exactly right about Sherri's dolls...there's just no way for photos to show how viscerally satisfying it is to hold one. :~)

  8. She's beautiful Sherri. I love the little lost and found story. Mary is fortunate to have such a wonderful doll. I love her green striped stockings, her bonnet, shawl... everything! and I enjoyed Martha's splendid experience opening the doll with her sweet. :)



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