Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lucy's Bears

My own dolly Miss Lucy is still
without any clothing! I really do
plan to start her wardrobe soon.  
In the meantime, I strung a
necklace out of small genuine
coral beads. This type of 
jewelry was often worn by children
in the 1800's as a charm to ward off 
sickness and ensure good health.
I also "created" 2 little old style
bears for her. I didn't make her
bears from scratch........ 
This little bear started
out as.....
a Boyd's Bear NASCAR
key chain.
This little bear was...
 a Boyd's Cheer Up Bear.
All I did was remove the tags
and plastic key holder.  Then I 
trimmed all the fur very short.
This little bear is about
4 inches tall.
 Same goes for this little guy,
he's about 3 1/2 inches tall. I
used a very sharp small pair
of scissors.  It took about an
hour to trim each bear.    
I found them on clearance
and only paid a couple dollars a
piece for them. I bought several,
just in case another doll needs
a special friend.
How easy is that?


  1. Miss Lucy has a pretty necklace. I love the coral beads. they look just right on her. She is beautiful. Jan made a great Izannah doll. The little bears are cute. Love their tiny size. Just right. Lucy will be so pretty in the clothes you will make her.

  2. What a clever, clever idea. Miss Lucy is so serene looking, perhaps its because she has her two teddy bears along for the ride.

  3. How did I miss this post? Oh yeah, it was last Friday which was insane for me. Glad Lucy has such fuzzy fun companions. I think my husband would have laughed his head off at me for giving bears a haircut...but it's such a good idea, I might just have to give it a try. :~) Lucy looks sweet w/ her coral!


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