Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whimsical Brown Bag Molds

More Brown Bag cookie molds
in the shapes of whimsical
Several of these were hand painted
by my daughter and I still hang them on 
our Christmas tree every year.  They also
look wonderful displayed in a shadowbox
 & hung in a child's room.
Hog Went A-Courtin
Gourmet Kitty
Watermelon Pig
This piggy always makes me smile!!
Cat With Fiddle
Cow Jumping Over The Moon
Birthday Bear
Cat With Flowers
This mold originally had a
little bird in the Kitty's hand.
It was changed to a bouquet of flowers.
(probably someone complained)
Look closely, you can see the remains
of the bird's wings and tail. If you
find one with the bird, you have a
valuable mold!
Pooh Bear
Running Rabbit
Big Fat Pig

Tabby Cat

I have added these to my
Brown Bag Molds page.

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  1. I like the last folk-arty cat! What a treat to see these. The paper castings sure have great detail!


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