Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hand Carved Gingerbread Mold

 My love of the molded cookie
 goes back a long way.
This wooden mold was carved for me by
Laddie Hudson in 1988 from my design
 when I made & sold gingerbread cookies
 at the Kansas City Art Institute
Renaissance Fair. 
(I've done some kooky things in my day!)
Renaissance Woman

This makes an extraordinary gingerbread
 cookie 12 1/2 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches
wide; very similar in size and style to the
antique European gingerbread molds that
are so highly collectible today. 
Santa With Bag

I purchased this replica antique cookie
mold at House On The Hill. I makes a
lovely cookie and the paper castings are
wonderful gift tags or ornaments for the
Christmas tree.


  1. Ren Faires are not kookie (neither are gingerbread cookies!) Hubs and I played with the SCA for a decade or's how I learned to sew (correctly) and where I fell in love with linen. :~)

    Love the molds...

  2. Your Santa with bag is awesome...wish I knew more about working with molds. I would love to see your collection.


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