Monday, June 11, 2012

Dolly's Handsewn Bonnet and Petticoat

I hand stitched this little bonnet out of
new Italian straw braiding dyed
  with Rit tan dye to give it a bit of age.
I have chosen this vintage rayon ribbon in a
chestnut brown color.  However, I may
change my mind depending on the fabric I
choose for her dress.  ( I do that a lot!)
 Made to fit this dolly.
 I have also finished her petticoat.  I have aged
it, you can see the difference in comparison
to the pantalettes. 
 The hem is a running stitch that can be seen
on the front of the petticoat.  I see this in photos
 of antique doll clothing & I believe this type of
hem is appropriate for reproduction doll clothing. 
 However, I have hemmed it with a tiny slip
stitch on the inside for strength, but you
cannot see those tiny stitches. 
 By the way, her name is Cora Bagley Butternut. 
 Chosen from my Taney County Brides list.
Tee Hee!
She still needs hair and a proper
dress.  I am thinking of a little
cape too.  (Maybe)

This bonnet was so easy to make!!
No mold.  For those of you who make
the beautiful Izannah Walker style dolls,
if you are interested in a tutorial let me
 know & I will make another one with lots
of photos and show the process in a post.
I think it would be easily adapted to 
any size and side contour shape for
your beautiful dolls.


  1. I think Cora should be very proud of her new bonnet. Beautiful doll so far.

  2. Your bonnet making skills are just too much, Sherri. I'm jealous. :~)

  3. Outstanding! Love the doll too!


  4. Great bonnet (I am jealous too!) and great name, Cora Bagley Butternut. I also think Taney would make a lovely old-fashioned name. I am looking forward to seeing Cora the way you dress your girls!

  5. I don't know if I can make one of those bonnets, but I sure do like it and also Cora is sweet as can be. I'd love to see how you did it, although I don't know if I am up to making one.

  6. She's beautiful Sherri. I love her petticoat, what is it trimmed with? It looks like crocheted lace or tatting...very nice. I would love to make a bonnet like Coras for one of my Izannah Walkers. Your sewing is just perfect!



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